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so i was searching the web and stumbled across Malalcuca The wellness company. I was not introduced untill the end when they tryed to sell me a membership.

I ended up clicking on a "Rep's" link and still no known info on what this was. All i knew was it was a way to make money at home. The "Rep" called me the next day after i accepted more info. He Asked me to join a online meeting with some other higher "Rep".

She started talking about Malalcuca and at the beginning she told me the price of the Prefered customer. Any way i had to become one for 30 bucks, but just for that night intill midnight it was just a dollar. How convenyent, for just a dollar. for the first month, then 30 bucks every month after.

oh and you have to bye their *** so much a month. which is 200 bucks worth of stuff you never heard of. so for an hour i listened to the Rep talk about the company and talk about how their brands is so much better then this name brand and that name brand. Right after the online metting i got a call back from the lesser Rep.

and wanted to know if i'm interested in it. I recently lost my job, so i told him i didn't have a dollar. He thought that was very funny, I kindly repeated that i just don't have a dollar. he said that he'll just get back with me in a few weeks after i found a job.

WoW, i need a job to get a job. don't sound like a scam to you? One Dollar is all it takes? If you can make all this money why even offer a one dollar rate to new EMPLOYEES?

Why not just let them have a free first month to help them get started? Because, you the employee are their customers, and they don't care if you ever sell one item, you are their sells?

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Loved the products hate the company. I tried to end my membership and it took me 3 months and I threatening email that I was going to go to consumer affairs to leave and get my money back that they kept charging without sending me the products. I also think why be so secretive when joining people up???


I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.


Before I can look at a product label or try a product, I have to buy a membership for $29, which I was told would be a lifetime membership, and commit to buying 35 points a month. Before I even try the products? If the products, why do I have to "join" before seeing a product label or trying a product?


Anyone who actualy defends this a part of the company. It is 100% scheme. End of conversation.


I'm sorry that Melaleuca wasn't for you but some of your facts are incorrect:

For starters the 30 bucks to get your preferred membership is once a year, and when you go to renew after a years time it is only 12.99! and yes you do commit to purchasing 35 product points a month which can be done (pre shipping) for not that much my last month was 62.00 after shipping!!

It is easy to make money, and the best way to learn about the products is to see first hand, and to be able to hear other peoples stories.

my daughter drank the floor cleaner and had a sour stomach, had that been anythign else we would have been in the ER having her stomach pumped... This is just the best, safe, all natural choice for us.


I'm so glad that everyone has commented on my post. Now i know that the Malalcuca cult is hiding in every shadow in The American home. Just beware of the "natural" Kool Aid!!!


Melaleuca is not a scam, MLM, or pyramid. I joined for $29 (that is for a year, not a month) and love the products.

I worked the buisness, put about 30hrs in a week. My 1st month I made 13.46. The next month I made $413. This month I stand to make $1200.

The information and supprot is there. You just have to get off the couch and WORK IT, follow your mentors, and be coachable.

I ask, "Would I hire myself or fire myself?" Heck no! I am making money :grin


Yable, so sorry you had a bad experience and didn't understand what Melaleuca is all about. We have been buying and using Melaleuca products since 1997 and love the products.

We save money by using the products. Melaleuca is a good honest company. No hitch no scam just a company making great and offering a great business oppotunity to those who want it.

You can be a customer, or you can treat it as a business and make money. It is not a high pressure company it's a company that allows YOU to make the choice.


And for the record, you dont have to speak with a representative to purchase products. You speak with a representative to learn about the business and get all of your questions answered. After that, you place all of your orders online or by phone yourself. And there is no contract. If at any time you want to cancel, send it in writing and you're good to go.

This is seriously a company you want to get involved in if you're looking to make extra income. I'm a single mom working two jobs and going to school full time and I found time to do it and will soon be able to quit my second job (i have a 7yr anniversary in May and I want my anniversary check before I quit) Melaleuca gave me breathing room. I can actually save money now rather than living check to check. Melaleuca has done that for me and I'm grateful.

Anyone that's interested or would like more info or a presentation contact me @


I'm not too sure why people have such a negative feeling about Melaleuca. If anyone actually sat through a presentation and talked to the person trying to enroll you, there should be no concerns.

It's a totally risk free investment (which by the way I only invested $1), and my first check was over $ I'm up $999. I spend about $60/month on products I would've gotten at Wal-Mart anyway, and make extra income for home. People that came out of bankruptcies and foreclosures make six figures just doing this alone. Anyone can do it.

And you're seriously mental if you dont try it. Everyone complains about how life is so hard and it's so unfair, but never do anything to change their situation rather than complaining about it.


Apparently, it's still ONLY ONE DOLLAR(!!!!) to join as of November 2010. But I'm suspicious of any company that you need to call and schedule an appointment with a Higher Representative to purchase products.

Is this a Jonestown thing or what? How much is their eco green kool aid? And then has you sign a dubious contract to pay for their stuff?

Urm, I'll just continue buying my healthy stuff from the local stores, thanks. Shop local!


I will not address what I think of Melaluca memberships. I will only address a product of theirs I was given as a gift last week. Someone gave me some Melaluca chocolate for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was, without a doubt, the worst chocolate I have ever eaten in my life. I couldn't finish the first bar. It was offensive to my palate.

Before anyone decides to flame on me and my opinion, I am a chef...specifically a pastry chef...which makes my opinion an expert opinion.

I won't be trying any additional products.


This message is for Sue Fegan. Everybody complaining about Melaleuca does not know the business.

A person can make as much as they want. You have to learn the business. There are people out there who do not know it. There is a lot of information about these products people do not know.

This is not for everybody. You have to like the products for you to share it with other people. You have to have a membership in order to do the business. You do get credit for customers you bring in.

This is how you build a business.

Yes, you get credit for people who buy from you as a customer. There is a lot to know to run this business or any for that matter.


i would like to know how successful you were in the business end. What kind of % of the downline do you get?

The website advertises this as a way for stay at home moms, retired people and those in debt to earn extra income. Do you get credit for people who only buy from you without paying the membership fee?


i would like to know how successful you were in the business end. What kind of % of the downline do you get?

The website advertises this as a way for stay at home moms, retired people and those in debt to earn extra income. Do you get credit for people who only buy from you without paying the membership fee?


Melaleuca is an incredible company that makes safe, healthy, nutritious, green products at an amazing value. I'm a customer, was one long before telling others about it, and will be for life.

There is no scam, no small print, and no hidden anything. Every once in long while someone comes along who simply decides that saving money on better products isn't for them. Rarer still, is the person who decides it isn't their way of shopping and then goes on a mission to misinform others by making innaccurate statements about this extraordinary company.

Obviously it happens though and I welcome anyone to contact me. If you care about your family's health, the environment, and saving money then perhaps Melaleuca is for you.


Melaleuca has blown me away with the low price, awesome products, and excellent customer support. It is such a blessing to find a company that offers safe products for me and my children AND offers a way for me to make extra money. Thank you, Melaleuca!!


Melaleuca is not a scam. I have written on previous complaint boards.

Yes, you can work from home, but Melaleuca is a business opportunity. If you are buying these products online, the person saying it has no ingredients, obviously does not know how to read when they put an order in, because the description of each product and ingredient is on their webpage about each product. Melaleuca is a great business.

They stand buy their products and will return if not satisfied. They have a A+ on the BBB.


Charles..get your facts straight. You don't "sell" anything in Melaleuca.

You must buy 35-40 product "points" per month in order to get the wholesale cost, (not 35-40 products) which is about $55.00. If you live alone in a cave than maybe this would be a problem for you. If you don't want to buy monthly you do not have to, you will just pay regular price. Did all you people fail 3rd grade math?

C'mon. And by the way, there is no product you can buy in any store, discount or upscale, that will compare to the quality that Meleleuca puts out..but you keep buying Suave and poison for a higher price, 'cause you're a genius.


Not only is Melaleuca a scam they have dozen of more ways to trap you into being a customer, to not refunding your money and to nickel and dime you for every penny they can. They claim to be a family and environmentally friendly company--NOT TRUE, so NOT TRUE.

It will also ruin all of your friendships if you are *** enough to not only buy into the concept but then push it on to your friends.....Hey,,,write to my ex-friend since I got screwed for over $500, more than 2x the initial investment, all due to "lost applications, lost credits, miscommunications....etc....." I haven't heard from my friend since............kicker is when he first called me about this great opportunity and I expressed my doubts he said he'd call me every day to get me going.

But when it fell apart and cost me money, I haven't heard from him since. And no, he nor did Melaleuca make it right....were it not for my credi card company fraud policy I'd be out another $250!

So all of you as pissed as I am..........write to

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