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I will never understand why a company would turn down a yearly order of $500 just because a customer doesn't want to sign up for a monthly auto-order contract. Like

Has it ever occurred to Melaleuca that maybe the thrill of shopping and seeing new products surface enhances the consumer to vendor experience?

Finally, after more than 20 years of patronizing Melaleuca on both large and small scales, why would the company throw the business relationship all away, simply because the person who once sponsored you decided to retire?

How crazy and pig-headed is that? This not a smart move at all Melaleuca. It screams to any sensible person that your company is all about the money and could care less about its loyal humble dedicated customers. Shrug

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Was just approached by an acquaintance about melaleuca. I felt like I was being reeled in and my friendship cultivated for business purposes.

Tried to help her by just buying products. No go. Given links and videos to watch. Sales pitch similar to lots of MLM schemes.

Agree too many red flags for me. Friends like that I don’t need!


They have an option for customers to buy the products without having to get on auto ship so what you have stated doesn’t add up. You must be just trying to trash the company. This is a great company with awesome products and I’ve been a customer for over two years but I know people who’ve been customers for more than 20 years!


I agree. You can buy whenever you want and not get the discount.

Why would you want to do that? I have ordered for over 100 points for 25 years and I love my Melaleuca products!!


So why would you stop using them if you only need to order 35 pts a month to get the discount?

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