Wetaskiwin, Alberta

I love the Melaleuca Products. I like their hair care, facial care, children wash etc.

Their bathroom cleaners are excellent and their vitamins are great! But we are a young family, living on one income, we don't have a high paying job and we live fairly out of the way. I have found it quite difficult to spend $100 a month (including shipping) when I only really require $30-$40 worth of a product per month. I did attempt to make a business out of it but I am a shy person and feel very awkward trying to recruit potential customers.

I also am against the fact that you are not supposed to mention that it is Melaleuca you are promoting, but instead you must tell people it is a Wellness Company. I did not know the name of the company I had been recruited to learn about up until the enrollee got me ready for a online session with a video explaining what the company is, once it started I was a bit upset that I had, in a way, been misled. As I was attempting to promote it I had difficultly not telling people what the company was up until they were online to watch the video. I think they are a bit dishonest, though I do understand they are trying to create "Curiosity" but again, sometimes being upfront with people and "not wasting" their time is a more honest, upfront approach.

Especially if someone you have recruited already knew what the product was and were frustrated with you for not telling them in the first place. I do recommend their products, though they are a bit expensive and you have to have the month to month commitment to make a go of it.

They are beneficial and healthier choice. I plan to just order through family/friends rather than trying to have my own account.

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Hi, I have joined Melaleuca and have found that if you add up all the cleaning chemicals, soap, handwash, shampoo etc you use per month and what you pay for them and what your getting for the money you pay, Melaleuca is the way to go. For starters it is cheaper and secondly your getting natural products which are not harmful to your family or environment.

I'm a professional cleaner and I can honestly tell you that If I was to go around the supermarket I would throw out most if not all their cleaning and health products. Did you know that all the vitamins you buy from supermarkets are made from fossil fuels?

That's why Melaleuca is great. I can understand what you mean though about having a tight budget and all, but like I said earlier, your spending so much more shopping at the supermarket for rubbish than you are at this company.


you are allowed to tell anyone that it is Melaleuca. you are just not allowed to "advertise" using the name Melaleuca.

Like every thing else in life, there are always bad apples among the bunch.

Usually the only time people have a problem is because of misrepresentation by the bad apples of the bunch. :-)


I know of no restriction of what you are telling a prospective user of the Melaleuca products.