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I have 2 children with severe eczema. They would itch their skin and would often have bleeding sores on their arms and legs.

We used lots of prescription drugs and cortisone creams with little success. Someone told me about the great products that Melaleuca has and about the Renew lotion. Though I was skeptical, I started shopping with Melaleuca and tried the Renew lotion. The results have been AMAZING!!!

My 2 children have great looking skin and have not had to use any prescription lotions for the last 7 years.

I am so thankful that someone told me about Melaleuca. I love all their products but especially Renew!!!!

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My daughter is three same way! Have been to SOOO many dermatolagists and $700 ppescripton and this works better! But need it mire available!


Eczema is generally an allergic reaction of some type (food or environmental exposure). Using products on the outside is a bandaid and not a cure. I'm not a fan of Renew, because of the petroleum and fragrances.


I don't think it is petroleum in the classic sense. It is Petrolatum USP.

There is a difference though I am not sure of the all of the science there. Worth looking into though.


My husband suffered from eczema and his legs would itch until they bled.And now his legs are perfectly normal.I also suffered with red bumps on my arms and legs. After using Renew for 24 hours I saw a huge difference in skin texture.

Now I can wear skirts without being embarrassed.

I am truly grateful to Melaleuca. This is not a scam.


Some of these products have parabans in them that are carcinogens


Melaleuca removed all parabens from their products in 2011. Please be more informed. This is a company that is ever changing to meet the needs of their 850,000 + customers.


re; Petroleum based Melaleuca products.

I think it is important for everyone to understand that anything we extract from the Earth to use for ourselves is very dangerous. Natural herbs, flavors, healing agents, etc - all of these elements have to be processed, cooked, distilled and/or purified in order to keep the healing agent and reduce the harmful carcinogens.

Petroleum is an excellent healing agent for the skin, and began as such. But it was also distilled and purified properly when it was first developed and turned into Vaseline.

It is the poor manufacturing processed that companies have been getting away with in order to cut costs to further profit margin that makes the petroleum base harmful. Petroleum must be prepared properly in order to be highly effective AND safe. Petroleum is not the offender, the companies who manufacture it poorly are the offenders.

Melaleuca is one of the few companies who take it upon themselves to have high manufacturing standards (in the US - Idaho Falls I believe). The government does not require this, nor do they regulate petroleum based skin care products. It is Melaleuca's choice to do this in order to stand out from WAY above the rest of the so-called trendy non-toxic branches of larger toxic corporations.

Look at the company making your product, and see their manufacturing guidelines. Melaleuca's is easily one of the best.

You will notice that the Renew Lotion contains Petrolatum USP. USP is the certificate that declares high manufacturing process of petroleum for the product.

Again I state, many "natural" ingredients are harmful if not manufactured properly. This process is what counts.

Candice Nelms, Dipl. OM


I mean "let the skin breathe" :)


Oops sorry they have removed the Parebans, the correct, current as of 6/24/10, ingredient list is:

Deionized Water, glycerine USP, petrolatum USP, distearyldimonium chloride, isopropyl palmitate, cetyl alcohol, dimethicone, allantoin, Benzyl alcohol, fragrance, meleleuca oil.


That is great she has some relief from the eczema, but I would reccomend having her tested for allergies, she could have a food allergy that is causing the eczema. Olive oil in the bath water works great for eczema as well.

The ingredients in the Renew are as follows:

Water, glycerine, petrolatum, distearyldimonium chloride, isopropyl palmitate, cetyl alcohol, dimethicone, allantion, methylparaben, fragrance, propylparaben, meleleuca altemifolia oil.

The active ingredient is the Melaleuca Altemifolia oil (Tea Tree Oil), you should be able to get the same benifit from using straight tea trea oil, my local supermarket carries Organic Tea Tree Oil. To get a natural lotion feel maybe put a drop into some Shea Butter or organic lotion, you should get the same benifits.

(Petrolatum is petroleum jelly, made from petroleum. The fragrance is made from petroleum, and propylparaben is a preservative that most natural products are removing because of health effects. )


Wonderful product!!!! Now they have liquid soap!!!!! No more dry hands for me!!!!


First of all, eczema comes from the inside, not the outside of the body. Second, Mela uses petrolatum in the renew lotion which has been linked to cancer.

It prevents the skin from breathing and letting the body detoxify itself. Why would you put anything on the largest organ we have that doesn't allow it to work it's intended too.

Renew is a scam and it's hiding an underlying condition that should be addressed. Have you thought eczema might be caused by a food allergy?


I agreed with you. I have same problem with my girls.

And somebody gave me a bottle of Renew to try. I was so happy that this product works.


My daughter also has severe eczema... At only 18 months we had tried everything from Aveeno to Eucerin, just plain vaseline etc.

When literally NOTHING helped, we had to take her to the dermatologist because she had bleeding patches everywhere... After several steroid cream trials that they did NOT really want to use on her because she was so young, we finally found one that worked. It was expensive, but she had to have it because she needed some relief. The people at the office kept warning us not to use too much!

When the last prescription ran out, I tried her with the Renew... WOW... SOOOO much cheaper, and she can play in the lotion without me worrying that her skin is going to get too thin.

Thank you Melaleuca for providing such stand out products at unbeatable prices! =)


awesome it is. :)


Curel lotion has the same major ingredients at Renew, is much less expensive and can be found in any grocery or pharmacy. It works and feels just the same as Renew. Anonymous.


I have used the Curel and it does not work as well as the Renew from Melaluca. My Granddaughter had severe eczema and nothing worked but the Renew.

We used the oil in her bath once a week and put the lotion on her every day and within 24 hours her eczema was clearing up.

Her skin is so soft now not rough and dry. I use it my self and I have sjogrens and my skin is really dry and flaky, but since I started using Renew my skin is soft and not dry.

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