In 2004 I was bit by a lyme tick and developed lyme disease. Chronic NEURO lyme.

Suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. I was treated with 6 weeks of IV antibiotics and sent on my way. Over the next 3 months my health failed and I was back in the hospital with another 6 weeks of antibiotics because the first 6 weeks failed to kill the disease. The second 6 weeks caught Mr.

Lymie raising *** with me and stopped its progression. For the next 4 years I went through chronic neuro ***, constant invasive tests for failing organs. You see just because they stop the progression of the disease, it goes merrily on by attacking your tissues and organs. In 2008 I discovered Melaleuca and Vitality 4 supplements.

Do you know what OLIGO-FRUCTOSE compounding is? Look it up. I started taking them and they kicked the rest of my lyme disease out of my body. It took 4 more years for my organs to come back to full health and during that time, I recovered from the two strokes I suffered.

I owe my life to Melaleuca. Their products are the best on the market and I continue to this day to take their supplements. This company is a registered pharmaceutical company. They aren't like all the rest.

Their products CURE illnesses. Their products SAVE PEOPLE MONEY....and if you aren't into that, keep shopping at Walmart!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Supplement.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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I'm not a member of Melaleuca,,, but i'm fairly confident you're not suppose to claim their product "CURES Illnesses."


The person who said it cured their illness is not a spokes person for Melaleulca , they're simply stating what their experience has been.


I have been with melaleuca since 2008. I love the company and they already know it.

I don't have to tell them.

I work with them, and I'm a business builder as well. LOVE THEM....they saved my life and I will continue to help others feel better.

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