I'm glad that there are sites like this. People should be able to voice their concerns - if you judge them to be real or not. You were free to voice your opinion here. (Responding to the individual who complained about this site.)

I have to admit that there is something odd about a company that forces you into a contract to purchase so much every month. I loved their cleaning products but did not need to purchase every month. Lost me as a customer. If I could have bought when I wanted, I would still be using the products. Not a very sound business model to me.

And who are we kidding, they are all pyramid schemes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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With Melaleuca, you are not locked into a contract - you can cancel at anytime. And they rely on monthly loyalty to ensure they can continuously provide fresher products with less preservatives.

You are welcome to shop as a direct customer to get the products you love, but you will pay a higher price for them. Or, you can keep buying cancer-causing detergent and other household products at your local WalMart.


I was told by a rep I have to keep up with the 35 points to keep my membership.


I am just starting to look into this company, so I don't have any particular comments about it. However, to reply generally, most people have cell phones and are locked into a contract, and we don't complain that much about that.

And most home based businesses, and even many brick and mortar, are some form of a pyramid scheme: those at the top reap the rewards of those at the bottom.

The longer you are with them and the harder you work, the better your chance is of going up through the levels. Every time I buy any product, someone somewhere is getting rich from it.


May be you want to enjoy the $1 membership,

I can give u a real information and help you with your membership and cancelation.




Home base businesses are not pyramids. Research network marketing, many different companies out there,never heard of this product before today...


There is no contract to purchase every month. You can buy as little or as much, whenever you want, off the Melaleuca website.

If you'd like 40% off, Melaleuca asks you to buy $50/month in products. You can cancel anytime you like.


Actually it's $60 a month worth. That's quite a bit if you're single. I agree, let me buy when I want and I'd stay


US395 just told you that .. YOU can buy whatever or however little amount you want...without the 40 percent discount.

If you buy toothpaste, vitamins, lotions, make up, laundry and dish detergent, deodorant (I hope lol), shampoo, body wash, body soap, hand soap, exercise bars, oatmeal, crackers(yes they sell food products too) floss, mouthwash then it probably makes alot of sense to be a preferred customer and get all the benefits, but the point is YOU don't have to, you can just be a DIRECT customer. Usually it does not make any sense but you DO have the option, so please stop spreading this ***..


I've spent around $50 (before shipping) and fulfilled my monthly requirement. It just depends what you buy.

2-melaluca oil

3-bath bars

1-deodorant 3pk

1-tooth polish

36 pts and $49.03 before shipping


Wow, that is outrageously expensive! Is that with the 40% discount?

Now I understand why I haven’t seen any prices. I would be willing to direct shop, but would never fall for the pyramid/MLM contract I read.

Obviously not about the products, but finding a bunch of suckers willing to sign their rights away.

Cheaper to head to my local health store.

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