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I was signed up by a friend for an "awesome business opportunity" where I would "save money on things I already buy". While it has only cost me 1$ (so far, I canceled as soon as I could) I realized that their products are similar if not identical to any poor-quality, toxic chemical product you would find at target or Walmart.

Not only am I wasting money (they ARE more expensive!) but I would have been poisoning myself and my children. I don't appreciate that I was discouraged from learning about the ACTUAL ingredients until after my E-signature was submitted, and that I have to print, sign, and send a form to them to cancel! All around shady, pushy, and falsely marketed.

Very disappointed!

PS: MOST (if not ALL) of their products have cheap, irritating additives and are not healthy for you at all. Some are even suspected carcinogens!

Reason of review: false advertising.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Company should REQUIRE customers to read about products, list more complete comprehensive labels, and provide an online cancellation option for "preferred member" services..

Melaleuca Pros: How it sounded at first.

Melaleuca Cons: Cancelation process, False advertising.

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false posting nut cases- reap havoc on themselves...watch out! for the bogie man.

He makes you lie and laugh that you did..he makes you crazy.

he makes you a bad person.

He creates a bad world through you!

He makes you disrespectable.

He claims you to be part of his doom destiny in the lake of fire. He will make you miserable so don't laugh as you writes lies in this world.


you did not do your homework...very happy customer for over 2 years and also do the business end of it..sorry you feel this way but have to comment you are totally wrong about the products..they are safer, healthier ever than walmart products etc...we have the scientific proof..does Walmart?

My husband had ,has asthma and helped him tremendously!


Sadly we too were told how healthy creams, conditioners, cleaning prod, were . We told sales rep how sensitive fam member was to biocides plus other air born carcinigins w/ fragrance free could take a toll on their breathing-severe breathing attacks kept occuring.

Threw products out call company talked to customer service about ingredients to find out what was causing severe distress. was told not all ingredients on bottles incase somebody wanted to copy.....their so call health treats have low grade products in them.....yes way over priced...plus not healthy in your ultra sensitive to breathing what is in these products....sorry but its been *** since bringing these products in....should of went to the hospital


I shop at many many natural stores and organic stores. I can't believe people are posting that opinions from others are being too mean or lying about the company.

We are being honest about what is in the products and if you have any shopping skill or education in products you would know they do not compare to better priced supplies or organic natural supplies. I'm not trying to hurt your Melaleuca loving feelings but I will tell you what I think of the products I ordered, see for yourself if you would like to try them. The deodorant has chemicals and is cheap. The shampoo reminds me of a cheap Pantene, maybe that is because I have really long healthy hair and I know whats best out there.

The wax for candle warmers is really hard to get out of package and the smell burns out really fast. The Renew lotion has the same ingredients as a regular Aveeno except Aveeno feels waaaayyyy better and does not have added fragrance like Renew from Melaleuca. The dishwashing liquid did not get my dishes clean I had to rewash. I tried to order makeup two small little eyeshadows and they wanted almost $8 in shipping for tiny little eyeshadows which totaled $33 dollars.

No way I think I will buy Clinique with 4 extra free things with a $30 order or free shipping. I didn't like all the hassle I have to go through to send them a cancel letter, then send back membership folder, then send back all the products and pay for shipping. Also Melaleuca makes you order about $60 worth every month. They force you to have it on the website in your account.

I tried to change it up to makeup and they wouldn't allow it on the website.

Not trying to be rude, but this is the truth about my experience. Go ahead try the products maybe you will love them but I know better.


Samantha...Aveeno verses Renew Intensive Skin Treatment..you are out in left field and I happen believe you are fabricating something up to write. else you are running a smear campaign For Aveeno.

Aveeno is so full of fragance it will cause the skin to itch like crazy. They capture on the scent of the lotion and not results.


Good post their products are sooooo cheap. Like chemicals at the dollar store.

I was so mad when I got my products and saw what was in them. I didnt like one thing!


All natural products with no toxins..I have allergies and I have to use their products according to what my doctor says about the products. He sells them at his office and write people up to change those harsh chemicals out the house it will create brain damage to your children.

killing your children and making their scap terrible. You see there are negative and positive input so I am sure the negative is appreciated as well as the positive.

Be sure you know what you are saying has fully being defined here! MCHBC News, Ancor.


This is an insane post with a clear intent to mislead others who have no experience with the Melaleuca company or their wonderful products. First of all, anonymous negative post are typically false anyway - if you have an actual issue, you won't mind saying who you are.

Second, I know from personal, first hand experience with this company that IF you have an actual complaint, they will resolve it with ease and professionalism. I am not advocating that anyone "sign up" if its not the right "business model" for you. I've personally never had the time or desire to work the business side of it so I purchase my Melaleuca products directly from my sister. I have been buying, using and recommending these products since my first exposure to them in 1999.

This claim has no factual basis. If there WERE actual harmful ingredients in the products, that would be included in the review, ANYONE can view the product labels on the Melaleuca site and the efficacy of their harshest product on page six, at: http://www.greenschools.net/downloads/DisinfectantsTable.pdf

I buy, use and strongly recommend these products because they are reasonably priced, they work and they are completely safe!

True story; because these are the products we use, my sister and I were doing a deep cleaning at our grandmother's house last summer. Since we had taken all of the cleaning products with us, upon bringing them in, we set them all on the table next to the front door and began cleaning, keeping with us only the product in use at the time.

My sister has 2 young children and to my horror, when I returned to the front room to trade products (since I was moving on to another task) my 3yr old niece was sitting on the floor with the bottle of "Clear Power" (Melaleuca's window cleaner) open and drinking straight out of the bottle. Based upon the amount of cleaner that had been spilled from the bottle to the floor, on her clothes and surrounding area, we estimated that she could have consumed somewhere between 2-6 oz. We instantly called poison control, were on hold (while they looked up the ingredients and protocol for this particular product) for 10min. in a panic (both of us knew these products were "supposed" to be safe, thats why we use them, but in a situation where you feel your child could be in danger, we were still panicked) when the woman came back on the line and said; "don't panic, she should be just fine, encourage her to drink as much water as she is willing to over the next 24hrs, but she should be just fine....

and guess what?! She was and still is, didn't even have diarrhea.

So before you allow this "anonymous" review to taint your opinion about the product, do some fact checking and call poison control yourself! If this had been bleach, Windex or a similar product, the outcome would have been dire!


Yes I think you are exactly right..non appreciative but certainly not users of the products..

anyone with two good eyes can see the transparent motivation is null and void principlesless

pimple heads who need to try their Acne products.


Melaleuca products are not carcinogen, the products are less expensive to use-proven, have been a blessing to my family for we all have allergies and skin sensitivities that are totally controlled by using their natural cleaning, bath and body lines, and wellness products many of which have patents. Why someone would blatantly make lying statements denigrating an honorable manufacturer like Melaleuca in the above is a mystery to me.

And, of course, in order to cancel a membership of any kind, one must sign a paper document...that's simply how life works...what's wrong with that? It's not hard. And, oh, by the way, you can read on line all about the products their contents, science information, etc so the claim that you didn't know was also bogus.

Customer service is excellent and they assist graciously for any customer need regardless of need. This critique is fallacious.


I too have joined Melaleuca thinking the products were healthy and safe to use but after finding out that the toxic chemicals in most products and that you find out there are the same chemicals being used in Melaleuca products. All you have to do is check the ingredients and see, sometimes they change the names instead like sodium laurel sulfates, they will change it to something else similar or if you're looking for aspartame the name is changed to something else. But it's in there.


I raise little t-cup pets..I lost over 33 T-cups from using harsh bleach and cleaning chemicals.

I know the product is good ..since I have switched and started using all melaleuca products I

have not lost one puppy. now that really pleases me, Thanks Melaleuca for protecting my pets.


Waot you had 33 puppies die! That is so sad .... I am sorry for your loss ...


I found this post to be very interesting. I have seen many comments before on Melaleuca being expensive but never have i come across any saying that the products contained additives and potential carcinogens. Being a Meleleuca Shopper and a Respiratory Therapist, with an asthmatic child who also has allergies and having educated asthmatics and their parents on the potential toxins and chemicals in their home, I have found Melaleuca cleaning products extremely helpful in relieving asthma flare ups and allergy symptoms.

I would really love to get some feedback from you as to what are these additives and potential carcinogens?


the additives are their personalities - the carcinogens of self waffled -rustling feathers.


So glad I read your review.. I too was referred to sign up, but once I started watching the videos I just wasn't too sure anymore.


I have been using Mel for 13 years now..I have terrible dry, itchy and ackey feet..The Renew Lotions have saved me from a lot of pain and Doctor visits. I wash my clothes in the little bags of washing powders and my clothes never look brighter or smell so good.

People go around me sniffing, that makes me happy because I know I smell fresh and good. Washing my towels and bed covers visitors have make impressive remarks about how clean the room and sheets smell. My baby clothes smell much better. I am an extreme user of Mel Products and find I save money because the products go along way and I don't have to buy but every 2 months where I was buying washing powders and cleaners every week.

I continued to use more and more and still my clothes would not get clean I throw in 2 tiny bags of MELABRITE OXI and

wow fantastic. Now I'm washing all my bed covers , pillow cases, clothes , towels and linens in MELABRITE OXI. great for Infant Clothing. so sign up and become a preferred member for $1.

go to this web page: http://www.Melaleuca.com/78883547 You will never be sorry you did. 13 years of experience here using Melaleuca Products. The best products ever!

you will see the application to fill out

and use the form number 78883547 as a reference. the company will send you some product catalogs


I've been a Melaleuca shopper for years. I'm not a business builder with them.

I use their vitamins because they work better than anything I've ever used. The heart health vitamins have kept my cholesterol normal. I was told I'd be on statin drugs by now. I'd rather pay the money now on vitamins that really get into your system, than pay expensive medical bills down the road.

Likewise the dental products have saved my teeth and gums. After moving to a new town I'd skipped dental visits for four years but had started using the mouth rinse and polish. When I finally went to a dentist it was the easiest cleaning I ever had. No build up at all.

And using the cleaning products has helped keep my allergies under control. Cleaning a shower used to give me an asthma attack.

Why would you say there are toxic harmful irritating ingredients?! You say you haven't purchased any or used them.

This company has been very successful and seen steady constant growth for over 25 years. The products are toxin free, environmentally friendly, and I find they work better than the best alternatives at stores.

I'm sorry you didn't get the opportunity to benefit from these excellent products.

I hope your false claims don't deter many would-be shoppers from at least giving it a try.


You've been sadly misinformed and should look into it a little deeper!


Wow sorry to hear that, Ive been using Melaleuca for about 20 years. It is one of the ONLY products I can use that is not toxic to my skin and break me out.

Maybe you should have actually tried before judging.

And the product is actually cheaper when you do the math, it 2 to 6 times concentrated on the cleaning products,.... you do the math.

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