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For those of you who have complained about the monthly commitment, I completely understand but this should have been explained to you when you signed on. I have been very clear in my presentations that this is a monthly program with product point commitment and that it costs around 60-$75.00 including shipping.

I really don't know why you signed on if you didn't understand this fully. But take a look at what you spend in the grocery store and drug store each month for shampoo, cleaning products, makeup, etc. I'm sorry but the cost of these items in the community like Walgreens has gone up. I still think the Melaleuca products are a good deal with high quality ingredients.

I spend way less on cleaning products than I used to, bath and body products, etc. And the vitamins are amazing. You can't get vitamins with this high a quality in Krogers.

I balked at the monthly commitment myself in the beginning.

Trust me I did. But what I found was that I was able to get my hands on the safest, highest quality products on the market. I was spending 60-100.00 easily each month at the grocery and drug store on similar items.

And also to be honest, this is the biggest concern about people signing on to Melaleuca.

People don't like to be committed at times with their money. I get it. I also had customers tell me they couldn't meet their monthly commitment because the cleaning products last so long. They didn't need to be replaced.

Okay, but what about our vitamins, and new products to try. I realize our economy is still struggling. I understand completely and I've struggled myself. I know people will go for the cheapest products, I've done it but I found that it doesn't mean I have the best quality.

I have health issues, I don't want phosphates, ammonia, and other harsh ingredients in my home which could harm my health and the health of my pets and visitors. No thank you. But I will tell you that Melaleuca has been a joy in my life. I understand others may not feel the same but that is your life and your choice.

There are others who may benefit. The monthly commitment is not a budget killer for me.

And I'm not rich by any standards.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Vitamins.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Melaleuca Pros: No toxic chemicals and save money, Superior quality.

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I have to say you must operate differently than the "team" I meet last night. A friend told me about this new "wellness" program she is a part of and wanted me to come to a meeting with her.

When I asked her about what the specifics were, she was very evasive. She mentioned there being hundreds of products and implied that these products were more like services, as she referenced chiropractics, personal training, a fitness center, etc. What she failed to tell me is that her fitness instructor sells Mellaleuca. When I arrived at her house and was expecting to hear all about different dietitian programs, personal training options, etc., I felt Shangahi'd when a Mellaleuca presenter began a computer slide show.

I was mad. These are not my types of thing, and to be more or less tricked into coming to a meeting tells me that business doesn't just sell itself. There was absolutely no mention of a minimum dollar amount order. In fact, when they talked about purchasing 35 points worth of product per month, I asked if this was required, or if it only meant you would get the discounted rate if you purchased 35 points.

The response I got was, "You don't have to purchase 35 points worth, but you will want to to keep your account in good standing." What exactly does this mean?

I think the answer she should have said is, "Yes, you must purchase 35 points worth." When I went into another room, I heard the presenter whispering, saying he doesn't think I'm going to sign up. The woman, who sat perched right on my side the whole time, said, "Oh, I think she will!" This was the most uncomfortable, awkward "meeting" I've ever attended and totally an unprofessional / unethical way of running a business.


I agree, it clearly states you earn points to shop with. No where does it state you receive a check for that money.

I'm happy to take my points and apply to my purchase and save money I would have spent at Walmart. I know I'm getting much better product for my money.


Re: "I spend way less on cleaning products than I used to....I was spending 60-100.00 easily each month at the grocery and drug store on similar items."


Re:"I get it. I also had customers tell me they couldn't meet their monthly commitment because the cleaning products last so long.

They didn't need to be replaced."


RE:"Okay, but what about our vitamins, and new products to try."

Adding new consumable products to your budget does not save money. You can't meet the commitment replacing products you already buy.




I did understand the commitment and am deciding whether or not I want to continue. It is more than the amount you mentioned.

My last order was $110 with shipping to get what I wanted that added to 55 points.

In addition, what I am ordering is not a necessity so I wouldn't necessarily be spending money on these items every month. It also depends on how much I want to spend on detergents and other items - I can get cheaper other places if I choose to.


Agreed. My mother is retired on a single person fixed income from social security and little pension and nothing left from my father for her.

She is able to do it. It all comes down to perspective.

Broke people still buy cigarettes. Just saying...


Broke people are addicted to cigarettes and can go down to the corner store to buy them. They do not have to have their credit card debited every month, just saying. They can go down to Family dollar and buy a year's worth of cleaning supplies, toothpaste and shampoo for less than the price of a minimum Melaleuca order and I doubt if they care if the products at Melaleuca are superior to what they can get at the dollar store or walmart or target.


The bottom line is that people need to READ AND UNDERSTAND THE TERMS OF ANY CONTRACT.....***BEFORE*** they enter it.

I'm baffled at the imbeciles I see on these whiner sites, they all seem to think a business is engaging in "horrible customer service" when they hold them to the terms that were disclosed, the terms they agreed to when they signed.

If you're poor you have no business entering any subscription type commitment; the poor are statistically

less literate, less likely to understand or even care what's going on, they are chronic 'returners' of merchandise, and have a tendency to whine or complain for financial gain.


I don't think it is a matter of being rich or poor. I am not rich by any means and my monthly purchases are 200 points plus.

Name calling and calling people ''poor'' are in bad form.

Suggesting people submit paycheck stubs to see if they can afford the products is ridiculous. Maybe these people that you are talking down to just need to be educated on how to shop, and how to budget.


Do you have research to back up all of these statistics about poor people? But you're right they have no business signing up for subscriptions like this.

I think Melaleuca should require a credit check and a person's last three paychecks to make sure they aren't poor before they allow them to sign up. Not only will their payments bounce, but they will chronically return merchandise, because poor people do that, and then Melaleuca loses out.

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