Rockville, Connecticut
Not resolved

This is an enhancement of Melaleuca's Loyalty Dollars program offered to customers ordering online. The basic idea is that while you earn ten-percent loyalty dollars under the program, the Learn to Earn program offers fifteen percent assuming you view a certain number of videos.

The problem with the program is in the execution. Once you watch the introductory video that explains the program, you are opted-in automatically with no chance to remain under the ten-percent program.

Kind of a sneaky-pete, "gottcha!" for a company that prides itself on maintaining a clean, "we're-not-MLM" image. Obviously, they've hired or promoted someone who is used to using stronger tactics.

Time will tell just how ironic this "improvement" in the loyalty program becomes.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Allow people to opt-out of the Learn to Earn program without loss of dollars they had when they "enrolled.".

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