I was talked into signing up and just giving it a try. Just make one order, next thing you know, here comes another box.

65 dollars, now I have to pay overcharged shipping and I have to return it on my dollar(half of what they charged me). finally two weeks later my money comes. Of course, they didnt cancel me, stating a written letter was needed, Sure wasnt needed to sign up. Then I just send back, return to sender.

Again 65 dollars, they only refunded me 39 dollars, said it was shipping. The salesman is cursing at me, calling me many swear words like its my fault.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Seriously people. Quit talking bad about this company when you dont even know how it works.

be mad at yourself for not reading your pack or listening to your enroller.

or be upset with your enroller for not telling you about the back up order when you sign up. when you sign up you give them permission to charge your card every month for a back up order if you dont place an order yourself before the end of the month.


The products may be good but the prices are way too high. I agree with the shipping it's outrageously high. I am better off shopping at whole foods really.


La culpa no es de Melaleuca es de su enrrolador que por ganar un poco de dinero *** enrolamiento no le explico como son los beneficios de melaleuca y como se optinen. Usted fue inscrito como cliente preferencial y no como cliente directo como ha debido ser... echele la culpa a su enrrolador.


Your enroller was supposed to explain the back-up order to you in full. I'm sorry your enroller did not fully explain Melaleuca fully and I"m sorry you had a bad experience.

To cancel your membership, you do need to send in a simple written statement "Please cancel my membership" along with your customer number that is on any of the order forms (You can also call in to get your customer number using your phone number) and your name and address.

You need a written statement because of the contract you entered with them, even if you enrolled over the phone. Some US states require a written cancellation of a contract, therefore everyone has to do it that way.

Melaleuca should receive the statement before the 25th of the month to prevent any further back-up order shipments.


the person that signed you up is the one you should have a gripe with- they will handle cancelation for /with you!


you know, you just need to pick up your phone and call and just cancel de membership.


Melaluca is famous for ignoring cancelation and refund requests. They ship packages without authorization and charge your card without hesitation, and then ignore all customer requests for refunds.


When you enroll the paperwork you sign is authorizing them to send what is called a back- up order if you do not make your order that month and you are also authorizing them to charge you for that. I think you need to get all the information before you make bad judgments on a company.


No, you need to cancel in writing. Fax a brief statement requesting to cancel and it will be received and done.

You CANNOT cancel by phone. This information is sent to you in your welcome kit.


It's easy to cancel. The person who enrolled you should have advised you that you need to fax or email by 25th to cancel. If not - it's written in your welcome pack

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