For those of you who have complained about the monthly commitment, I completely understand but this should have been explained to you when you signed on. I have been very clear in my presentations that this is a monthly program with product point commitment and that...
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I have to say you must operate differently than the "team" I meet last night. A friend told me about this new "wellness" program she is a part of and wanted me to come to a meeting with her.

When I asked her about what the specifics were, she was very evasive. She mentioned there being hundreds of products and implied that these products were more like services, as she referenced chiropractics, personal training, a fitness center, etc. What she failed to tell me is that her fitness instructor sells Mellaleuca. When I arrived at her house and was expecting to hear all about different dietitian programs, personal training options, etc., I felt Shangahi'd when a Mellaleuca presenter began a computer slide show.

I was mad. These are not my types of thing, and to be more or less tricked into coming to a meeting tells me that business doesn't just sell itself. There was absolutely no mention of a minimum dollar amount order. In fact, when they talked about purchasing 35 points worth of product per month, I asked if this was required, or if it only meant you would get the discounted rate if you purchased 35 points.

The response I got was, "You don't have to purchase 35 points worth, but you will want to to keep your account in good standing." What exactly does this mean?

I think the answer she should have said is, "Yes, you must purchase 35 points worth." When I went into another room, I heard the presenter whispering, saying he doesn't think I'm going to sign up. The woman, who sat perched right on my side the whole time, said, "Oh, I think she will!" This was the most uncomfortable, awkward "meeting" I've ever attended and totally an unprofessional / unethical way of running a business.

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