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When I signed up for Melaleuca I was given the impression that I had an entire month to make my first purchase. However since I signed up at the Inn of the month my order was automatically submitted for me. I was also told that I would only spend about $50 per month,...
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Sparky, I note your comment and how it would seem valid but I don't think that many of the companies you are referring too, do the kinds of sales volume that Melaleuca does. Over 1.1 BILLION dollars annually.

I do also believe that the way we do business is both brilliant and at the same time opens them up to bad press. Over and over again I read the complaints and rarely is the problem caused directly by the company. Customers that choose to refer others are independent and do not work for Melaleuca, this means that Melaleuca can not control what they say or do. Melaleuca has excellent training, the best I have seen in this industry,and unlike many companies the training is free. They just can't force people to learn the rules and facts, or make dishonest people honest. I also know of another company that I know has many, many complaints, maybe not on this particular site, but they are always complained about and have been for about 50 years. I hear it constantly but I don't personally have prove so I will not repeat gossip on the internet as if I had proof, however much I dislike the company.

The problems are always caused by

1. The enroller not doing the training and are saying things that are not true, or maybe just misunderstanding it themselves, or not doing the proper presentation (provided by the company for free) that explains everything.

2. The customer (all if them receive a whole kit explaining everything in book form, and DVD, and on the customers personal website) does not read their contract or the information in the Kit.

Also when you sign up you are specifically asked to sign that you understand the back-up order that you have authorized them to send you if you don't order like you signed up to do. This is Key!

I don't think a company can do much more than that! For those people who think they shouldn't have to cancel in writing, what contract is not cancelled in writing? Imagine if you had started to build a monthly income of hundreds or thousands, or even tens of thousands a month, and anyone could just phone in and cancel your account without your signature! The results would be a legal nightmare! Come on people we are in a technical world where things have to be done right! I don't think they are perfect but I do think they are a much better company than many out there and they have helped me go green and be healthier and no child in my house will ever die of swallowing the poisonous household products they sell to 99% of North America in the stores. (A child died here of that just last year and that's just the one I know).

I hope I have explained some of the things people complain about who are just not understanding, or reading what they signed and then blame the company for that.

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