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I was referred by an acquaintance who claims he’s been using these products for years and loves them! I guess he just started doing it on the business side so he wanted me to order some products.

Now I know a pyramid scheme when I see one and to be quite honest I wanted nothing to do with melaleuca.

However I wanted to give my acquaintance the benefit of the doubt and at least just try some products because I do want more organic and environment friendly products. He said he was a customer for years so I trusted his personal experience with the company.

I usually research everything I buy but my acquaintance was in my home and pressuring me to order products right then and there so I couldn’t read all these reviews.

I can’t give much of a review just yet since I just ordered but what I can say is I ordered 4 products and it cost me $70. I think that’s a little costly since my biweekly grocery shopping which is a cart full of stuff is usually around $100-$150.

I’m not happy about the cost but I’m going to try the products anyways and see how I like them. If I like them I don’t mind still ordering because I don’t mind the higher cost for an organic, natural product (if it really even is organic).

My advice for past and future consumers who may want to cancel in time, don’t give them your bank account number. Put in a credit card number that way when you do cancel, call your credit card company and have them block your card and send you a new card number due to fraud. That way melaleuca can’t keep charging your account because they will have the wrong card information.

I say 3 stars for now because of the price and the fact that we HAVE to spend a minimum every month.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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