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I was talked into doing this by my oh so happy and excited friend who's life is Melaleuca...or wait, I mean who's life is making a living off of her friends by being a part of like 5 companies like this one. As you may have worried about, yes, this is indeed a pyramid scheme.

Of course they are going to talk about how amazing Melaleuca is because they make 20% of what you buy! Oh, and they will most likely try to push you to sell to your friends and family (i.e. make them all hate you by being "that friend") because, guess what! They get some of that money too!

Hmm...sounding like a pyramid?

So, their gimmick is rather misguiding because they say points instead of $$$. You HAVE to spend "35 points" every month. If you don't, you have a backup order that they automatically send you. I can't say I don't like a lot of their products, at the same time I haven't noticed a difference from any of them.

It's nice to have peace of mind in knowing that you aren't ingesting chemicals, but now I am stuck with 2-4 "backups" of each product because I didn't want enough products to satisfy the 35 points. Oh, and this doesn't include shipping and handling which is about $10 for one small box. This comes to about $85 every month. Unfortunately I didn't understand the system right away and spent extra the first month that I should have saved for the 2nd.

I was getting shamp/cond, dish soap, a few cleaning supplies, lotion, chapstick, detergent, and quite a few supplements, sounds like that should be enough, right? Nope! I now have 4 lotions, 2 sets of shamp/cond, 2 detergents, 3 boxes of vitamins ($45 each) taking up space in my cupboards. If you want to join, I'd suggest signing up when they have a deal for the start up fee (I think it's $35, I got mine for $1).

Try out what looks good the first month, buy multiples of what you like and GTFO. Or, as I said in my subject, just don't.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Melaleuca Pros: No chemicals.

Melaleuca Cons: Point system, Misleading sales pitch, No response for my return that wasnt refunded very unethical, Didnt really notice a difference from anything, Pyramid scheme.

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I so wish I had read this before signing up last week! I just got my initial order and knew right away that I needed to get out.

I have enough cleaning product to last me a year. I don't need backups or extras.

Didn't even spend my "free money" because we all know, this comes with the extra costs of shipping and a convenience fee I believe. Nothing horrible about the product, but I can find chemical free for similar prices out in the non monthly obligation world!


I totally agree with their comment. That was why I didn't sign up.

I immediately new what was going on when I was told I had to spend 35 points a month.

I don't shop at any store that much. Nope...

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