When your "friend" calls to tell you they have a business opportunity to talk to you about but won't tell you what it is over the phone...guess what it is...a multi-marketing/network marketing company. You name it, they are all the same.

I done just about all of them since the late 60's. All they change are the words or copy the words in the script to fit their version of why it's better than the others.

But folks, they ARE ALL THE SAME. I didn't do this one because I knew what it was before I went, even without knowing the name of the company, but I wanted to give the person that called me the benefit of the doubt.

Reason of review: non-disclosure of the business opt..

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Is interesting how many melaleuca's police are out there insulting anyone who don't care about their products or the fact that they do test on animals. Fact is some people make money and don't want people to be educated about this company.

Their products are not safer and their shipping charges are too much and they do test on animals. There are much better products out there Such as Method.

Even Target and amazon sells them.


It is a shame that you would write this review on assumptions that you really don't know anything about. I love it when people think they know more than Inc.

Magazine, the BBB, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. And for those who actually believe this without doing your own research of facts instead of opinions, well that is just as sad. I have been with Melaleuca for almost two years now, why because I have small children in my home and I have never used products like these before ever!

Why because I am tired of the endless reports that are now surfacing about how toxic the chemicals we have all been brain washed into thinking were safe to use to clean are actually registered pesticides. I love the fact that they don't have to have child safety caps, I have a 2 year old daughter that gets into everything, and I don't have to worry! I love the fact that I am able to give my children vitamins that do not have formaldehyde in them, and work the way they are supposed to. I am able to use cosmetics that are not going to give me cancer, and I feel safe with my girls using them.

In addition, so many people have been able to eliminate their blood pressure medicine, lower their cholesterol, the list goes on and on.

So before you make assumptions (we all know what that means) know your facts first.


He may not not more than Forbes magazine, etc but I am betting he knows more than you do, little miss housewife. F Off!


Jajajaja anonymus!!! Have some balls to stand behind your words!!


Wow - can you please tell me if it is true?? Is ignorance really bliss?? I LOVE my products :)


I agree their vitamins and cleaning products are better than most brands out there. But their cosmetics are definitely not.

I was given a couple of them as gifts and they have certain questionable ingredients like dimethicone. Read the ingredients and you will find this to be true.

There are many cosmetic brands other than melaleuca that do not give you cancer.


Dimethicone is NOT a questionable ingredient.


Excellent reply. I couldn't agree more.

Best company I've ever seen. They really care about their customers.

Instead of getting pissed and ranting lies, people should calm down and talk to their customer service people. They'd be pleasantly surprised.


Never heard of Melaleuca and yet you made a judgement about it.


I find it ironic that you made up your mind what Melaleuca was all about without ever getting the correct information from you "friend" assuming that it was and mlm because you had been involved with mlm's in the past. I have been a Melaleuca costumer for a year now and it's far from being an mlm.

They have nearly amazing products. They are a billion dollar debt free company that has been in business 30 years. It's a shame you turned down a great opportunity just because you already made up your mind of what you thought it was based off of false information based off of your past experience.

Not everyone is out to scam you. There is still a lot of good in the world and Melaleuca is definitely one of the best with an A+ rating with the BBB.


Put down the Melaeuca koola-aid TLB, you have already overdosed on it!


Your just a dumb *** that gets payed minimum wage :) ^^^^^^^^^


How much money have you made being with this 30 year old company?


This company is NOT about making money. Do your research, as it is NOT an MLM. It is simply a company that allows you to purchase healthy products at a discount.


I have bought and used Melaleuca products off and on since1995 and find them most satisfying and have no complaints.


Don't be naive- every company is about making money...


I have been paid over 5,698 dollars in 4 years just being a CUSTOMER. I do not know many companies that do that!! Love this company and all they have to offer (except their solugard smells a bit rough lol) but love everything else!


My girlfriend has been a marketing rep for this company for 10 years.....She has 125 people in her 'organization' and makes a whopping $50 dollars a month in commission.

If its not MLM its as close as you can get.

The great business opportunity is sales and recruiting....The products are an afterthought....You want to make money sign people up and get them to sign people up.....How is that not MLM????? 1 out of 100 make money, 99% don't even cover the cost of their products. The higher up you get the shadier you get signing up people. I think the worst is the people who post job adds.

You think you are going to a job interview and instead you get a Mela presentation.

As for their products, I have used most of them and its nothing you couldn't find in your local store....If their products were truly that amazing they would take on the store brands directly and not come up with some back channel marketing scheme to distribute them.

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