Jasper, Florida
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I signed up being told it wasnt a pyramid scheme only to find out it is. I called days before my back up order ( what they call when you dont order and they send you instead ), I said I had no money in my acct and lost job and I couldnt place an order.

They said they had no protocol for that and I got charged from my debit card they had # on, which caused me to get over draft of $35, and no ability to buy food for a few days. They had no protocol to stop my backup order and I had to pay for shipping product back and go through this rigamarole of submitting their form via email, to cancel my acct. In other words they make it hard !!!! They are a legal scamming company.

And the products arent better for the environment or not tested on animals, or for that matter, any better then Walmart, which is their sales pitch.

They should be outlawed !!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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It amazes me how people enroll in something and stand back and wait for the money. Obviously 2 things took place: The presenter did not spell out the commitment for fear of rejection, and the person did not take any additional effort to learn what they had their hands on.

This is a truly amazing opportunity that few can even wrap their head around, let alone get to work.


If it crashed your checking acct for 60 bucks, you really need this ***. Go get a job.


What is with all these people signing up with no job, and not listening to the explanation of the backup order...was your house foreclosed too because the darn bank actually had a mortgage payment it was owed? Try moving out of the parents basement and take responsibility for your actions.


You must be a serious scammer for this sham of company.


They are right. You did not ask the right questions.

If you seen the presenation then you should know that you could have suspended your agreement in writing at any time. They did say that you have to do it by the 25th of each month. Your anger should not be addressed at the company but at yourself for not paying attention or at your referrer who did not inform you correctly. There is plenty of training on the website that you have access to that would have eliminated this process.

When you start with a new company, you cannot expect to know everything. You need to be properly trained.


You probably didn't ask to cancel your account...and you had to fax in a note requesting cancellation...if there was not enough time to do that the other solution ...was to receive the backup order ...and leave it unopened...phone Melaleuca and they would have emailed you a shipping track label...so you could mail it back....this should have been told to you the re that enrolled you...sometimes they put new customer service reps on the phone who are not aware of these solutions...


Make someone jump through *** hoops is always the scammers job.


If you had paid attention to presentation ,you would know why everything you jus said is not correct! Maybe you should know what your talking about befor bad mouthing a company that's been around for 27 years :x


Many banks have been around for many more years and pulling the same types of scams. Regulation, this company needs it.