Fremont, California

I wrote a negative review on one their products and it is not showing on that product. In fact, I never see a negative review, so you can not trust their reviews because they seem to throw away the negative ones!

Their dishwasher detergent does not always get the stains out of coffee cups or any dishes that have food stains on them. As a result I sometimes use Cascade to get the stains out in between using the Melaleuca product.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Melaleuca Cons: No negative on line reviews.

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you are exactly right about negative reviews. all the product reviews are good, happy ones.

like they were made up. i get that some products are good, but not all of them are 'fantastic' and you can feel results in just a few days.

they should be truthful and help the members with posting all views about products. negative reviews don't turn customers away, hopefully the manufacture will make the product better!


That's not true at all. There are negative reviews.

How long have you been using Melaleuca and what have you used? Did you ever think the problem could be your water or even your dishwasher?

There are also powder tabs, some work better than the gel for others. You shouldn't base your review of a whole company on ONE product, that's assanine.


They are right I have never seen a negative review either. And normal reviews are normally more then one sentence.

When I am looking for a good review on a product I go to websites like this to get the truth. I love their product but afraid to use the beauty ones until I learn more I would like to see before and after videos.


Sorry but it is true.I posted a few reviews and my negative one on the wax melts was not used by them.