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I have repeatedly called to cancel a recurring order with Melaleuca. I have honestly stated that I am utterly broke, do not own a printer, fax machine, nor even have the money for a stamp to send in a signed request to cancel the recurring order. Melaleuca continues to ignore my request that they stop making attempts to charge my debit card and refuses to cancel the monthly recurring order. Melaleuca claims that a signature is needed to cancel the order but a signature was not required when it was initially set up! It is an absolutely unethical business practice to claim that a recurring order cannot be canceled with a phone a call.

The above complaint was filed with the Better Business Bureau after repeated phone calls to Melaleuca.

Melaleuca knows that in today's high speed society, most people aren't going to send a snail mail letter to cancel an order...and the average person doesn't own a fax machine.

Now you know the secret to Melaleuca's high customer retention rate.

I am intimately familiar with a "no cancellations by phone" policy because a previous business partner implemented that policy for a company we put together. I left the company soon after because such a policy is absolutely unethical.

Monetary Loss: $64.

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Cancellations do not have to be in writing, as once the BBB contacted them on my behalf Melaleuca canceled the order. Funny how that "signature required" garbage went right out of the window.


I've been a customer for almost 8 years and have had nothing but good experiences! It was very clear to me that cancellation had to be in writing.

I have referred others who have cancelled in writing without any problem. Rules are rules.

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