After being in Melaleuca for 7 years I opted out after seeing an ongoing excessive increase in cost of the products and I feel they are less effective as when I started seven years ago Now I just can go online and make my own cleaners and they do just as well as their products, plus we joined Costco and are saving money there without paying that SHIPPING COST every month. Plus it seems the makeup is very pricey for the small amounts you receive, I was taking their vitamins and compared to the company Purtian's pride over 3 times the price. My "friend" who enrolled me no longer needed our friendship once she got me enrolled!!

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I have been a customer for 12 years and you couldn't pay me to use anything else. I can't even tell you how much money it has saved me just in avoiding ER visits. With 3 children and all the colds, flu, croup, bumps and bruises they get while growing up, there were several occasions where trip to the ER was avoided because of the Melaleuca oil and first aide products.


Don't be fooled. You are paying shipping costs for any product in a store & even Costco.

It is added to your price. Someone has to pay it.

You also save on gas since you don't have to drive to Costco & your precious time. You may want to reconsider.......


Wow - I am shocked to hear you could leave! Once I had the opportunity to experience the products I could never look back.

I have a few sporadically that I do not care for but overall, I would not use anything else. My kids have grown up on Melaleuca (proud customer of 8 years) and I swear they are healthier for it!

It got my husband off Cholesterol meds and for 5 years his values have been fantastic! Sorry you went elsewhere but no worries - the company keeps getting better and better!!!


Best products I've ever used. I'll be a shopper for life.

They're a better value for the money and I know I'm getting non toxic, green, extremely effective products.

If I have any questions about ingredients or the effectiveness or anything at all, I call and always get friendly, knowledgeable people, and I never had to wait more than a couple seconds for my call to be taken by a human. Best company I've ever shopped with, best products ever.