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I have been reading through this site and am completely confused at people who have said you couldn't cancel. I know at least a few of the complaints here are false, because I know of at least one person who works for another company that told me they had posted on here multiple times. I think it's unfortunate someone does something like that here. So, in an attempt to try to clear things up, I decided to make a post myself on how to cancel.

My personal exprience with Melaleuca has been great. They truly do have some of the best products - anywhere. Switching to natural products has made all the difference to me and my family. But even with that, sometimes for various reasons someone is going to want to cancel - that happened to me once. For personal reasons I needed to cancel my account, which I did. It was easy. I should also tell you, 2 months later I was signed back up. I just couldn't go without the products. Most of the stuff bought at the store makes my skin itch and eyes burn. Life like that is miserable. But I'm off topic - If you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to cancel- here is the simple, easy, step by step process:

1) log in to melaleuca at melaleuca.com/youroptions, 2) fill out the cancelation form, 3) fax it in to melaleuca and YOU'RE DONE!

A FEW TIPS - If you have not placed an order for the month then you are going to want to get your cancelation in to Melaleuca BEFORE THE 25th OF THE MONTH to get it there in time to be processed before your selected backup order gets shipped out. Otherwise your backup order will ship this month because it will likely take till the 1st or 2nd of the next month before the cancelation is completed. (I've seen this stated clearly by the company somewhere on their sign-up forms - but in case you missed it, you now know.)

Make sure your information is readable on the form you fax in. They can't process a cancelation if they can't read it.You should receive an email a few days later confirming the cancelation of your account. If you don't get this email, follow up with the company about 4-5 days later to confirm. The company has great customer service agents who are very helpful. They'll bend over backwards for you.

I've known a few friends who have canceled their accounts and then regretted it later after they ran out of thier Melaleuca products and want to come back.

After you cancel your account, you can still buy melaleuca products, but you lose the 40% discount. Still a great buy - There are many people who shop this way just because they love Melaleuca products but don't want to have to buy every month.

You can return to get the discount by calling the company. You'll need to repay the customer membership fee, but for the 40% savings, it's worth it for most people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Location: Livingston, New Jersey

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melaleuca.com/youroptions takes you to a page with this message: We apologize, we were unable to find what you were looking for.


Mi nombre es Alma White quiero cancelar el servicio pues perdí mi trabajo y no estoy trabajando por favor de disculparme pero no puedo seguir con el servicio. gracias Almawhite


I have been trying to download form to cancel my account but to my disappointment. There appears "error" , "cannot find what you want"


Worst company ever. It was never explained to me that I had to spend 60+ dollars a night.

They let you sign up so easily but good luck canceling. They HAVE to have a signature saying you want to cancel. Weird considering I didn't need one to sign up.

Talk about trapping a client! I like the product, but not at all worth the Hassel.


My problem is not with the product. It is with the cancellation policy.

I should not have to write a letter or call 3 times to cancel,nor should I have to download a form to fill out then print it off,then fax it.

I live an hour away from the city.I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO SEND A LETTER,AFTER I PRINT IT FROM THE PRINTER I DON'T OWN.FIND A FAX MACHINE. I am to busy and have no desire to run around to locate places to handle this when it should take ONE PHONE CALL.


As of the latter part of 2017, Melaleuca now accepts digitally-signed cancellation requests. All you have to do is send an email to myaccount@***.com with your account number (or a phone number that is associated with your account), a clear statement of your intent to cancel (such as, "Please cancel my account", "I would like to cancel my account" or "Cancel my account NOW!!!") and your typed name at the very end of the message.


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Sure that works if you have a fax. I have been trying to email the cancellation form and it won't accept it even though, email is a suggested form of responding.


There are no options or any cancellation form in my account that I could find. Could you tell me me how to find?


The address they emailed us to send the cancelation to was no good the letter was returned mark undeliverable. What a bunch of ***


They make it almost impossible to cancel! God I had to beg and plead with them and get connected to at least 10 people and go over the same plead! This company is a living nightmare!


I like this article. This is my second cancellation. But like previously stated- great company...I will



Gege's the name, love the products, but ha ing some personal issues and hopefully after thing are back on track ill reactivate my account because I like the products.


Carlos Colon... I want to cancel my account.

Products are good but can't be spending 65 $ every month with a low budget income and trying to pay for college and my car. Help me please.


Betty Rickwa...I would like to cancel my order please... I really like the products but have decided to move and could use the extra money right now...

I'm sorry and thank you.... Bettyrickwa@***.com...




hola necesito si me hacen el favor de cancelar mi cuenta *** melaleuca ya que mi esposo se quedo sin trabajo y la verdad no podemos ya estar haciend ese gasto mensual en los productos.

estamos en una situacion economica severa.

por su atencion muchas gracias


Hola nececito mi cancelación debido a no puedo pagar no tengo trabajó #de cuenta 6152****




I have shopped with melaleuca as a customer for 9 years without any problems at all. I am wondering what brands you are all buying at home for all of yor consumables.

Mys sons have allergies...made a big difference.

I used to use vinegar and also baking soda,,,hated the smell of hte vinegar. Love the convenience, the savings ( I am a coupon shopper) the loyalty dollars, the small revenue check , the online shopping portal..so many benefits that I don't get at the other places that I currently shop with...I wish they made more items...I love buying from an american company that cares......

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