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My elderly mother signed up to be a member of Melaleuca, which required she pay a monthly fee whether she gets any products or not. The "points" she receives for the monthly payment can be redeemed but only after she places a paid order of $50 or more. In April 2016, we called the company to cancel the membership (it cannot be done online unlike signing up for the membership). We were told to fill out a document, take a picture of it, and email it to their accounts email. Did that. Never received a response. Followed up three days later asking for confirmation. No response. Called again. They claimed it was never received. Did the process again in May, then in June, then in July. I finally cancelled my mother's credit card from Melaeuca (which had a 24% interest rate!) to stop the automatic payments. That got their attention. Now they are harassing me and my elderly mother for payment even though we sent the cancellation form to them again in August AND finally received an email confirmation that said the membership was cancelled. But now they claim it is not and want payment.

How is it possible that this company has been in business for this long and not run out of "town?" It is a complete scam and they prey on vulnerable populations.

Never, never get involved with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $107.

Preferred solution: I want a refund of the May and June 2016 automatic payments AND I want the membership to be closed AND I want the company to stop harassing my elderly mother and me..

Melaleuca Cons: Customer service.

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I'm having the same problem, they say I owe money,I don't. I canceled membership and my credit card and they keep hassling me. Very annoying.


Her enroller obviously did not tell her everything. I have cancelled my membership before and never had issues.

Sorry her presenter wasn't honest.

Memberships are $19/year, $29 for 1st time customers (to get the account set etc).

If she signed up as a preferred customer there is a 35 point per month purchase required ($50+). Presenter should have told her all this, and you do not need to have a melaluca CC to have an account.


now i got this problem,im reporting to my bank now and if possible also the police. This kind of thing they shouln't do.


They are actually a very honest company, never have any problems reaching customer service, for returns etc. I think you did something incorrectly or I just making up a story to bad mouth an awesome company that sells great products!


Canceling or suspending a Melaleuca membership is really easy. You sign, take a picutre and upload your cancellation.

I normally will call and verify it was processed when one of my customers cancels.

And there is no monthly fee.


We did that "easy" process FOUR times. And finally received an email after the fourth time stating it was cancelled.

Seemed like we were finally successful (three months later). But the very next day after receiving the cancellation confirmation, we received stating it was not cancelled. When I followed up - as in, which email was correct - the response was that it was not cancelled and we needed to call them AGAIN.

That is when I decided to share publicly my frustration with this company. And there is a monthly "back order" charge that must be paid if you do not order product in a given month and want to keep your membership.


But you never just pay and don't get products. You always get your default order that they have from when you first became a member. (Or you can always switch that order)

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