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I became a member of this out fit thru a cousin who had great things to say about it. She had signed me up, I said I would try it out.

Not knowing what she had signed me up for... I used the services for a few months, however my work schedule had gotten hectic and I was traveling quite a bit and no longer had use for the bulky products. I tried to suspend the services however they refused to suspend the services. They told me I had to cancel the services.

When I tried to cancel I was unable to open their web pages due to them being unsafe via firewalls. I called several times to cancel and again they refused to cancel anything, saying I signed a contract. I never signed up for anything. Then they tried to send me automatic shipments, I had ups reverse all shipments to my house to be returned right back to them.

Then the texts started...then emails phone calls. Saying I owed them money for the orders that I never place or made and were all returned to them. I sent a letter stating they could no longer contact me unless via usps. They ignored it and continued to contact me and harass me for items I never ordered or received.

Shady business whit even worse customer service. Not to mention violating laws by harassing customers and trying to force their less then superior products on customers.

Next steps are filing complaints with local jurisdictions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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"Shady business whit"...what lol?I am always skeptical of "these type" of companies because so many companies like this have burnt so many people.However, my wife signed up and I said "sure, whatever, I don't care, give it a try." Here is why I didn't mind...it's month to month...I can suspend or cancel at ANYTIME! I have 120 days to get a full refund on my annual membership which is ONLY $19 a year.

I have 60 days to get a full money back refund on any products we don't like even if the bottle is empty. We've been in 6 months and NEVER had an issue with ANY product. If I haven't asked for my money back within that 60 days on the product I have another 30 days to exchange it for a different product...I get the money I spent on the product I didn't like to use on other products. They have over 450 products that we are buying somewhere else already.

They didn't just sell something to us...they educated us when we listened to the presentation. We have a young child...NO SAFETY CAPS required because they are non-toxic AND they happen to actually work! Seriously...signed up without knowing what you signed up for...BS...what did you not like about it? Firewalls...What lol...you can call, they answer quickly...I know because we have referred people and called them in.

They are ALWAYS friendly and knowledgeable. I'm sure you'll do well in your pursuit of justice in the legal system vs them since they've obviously done you wrong and caused you so much distress.I would say, I guess next time don't sign up for something if you don't know what you're getting, but your story is BS.


You obviously work for the company. The writer above was signed up by a representative of the company who had the responsibility of ensuring the customer understands what he/she is signing up for.

It should not take a long process to cancel something you do not want. The only reason for creating a laborious process for cancelling is if you are SCAMMING people into a position to bilk them for money. Almost every legitimate company simply requests a phone call to customer service to cancel their business.

No person should loose a cent of their hard earned money with a company who has sales representatives misrepresenting products and services. $19 has value as does the shipping, both ways that it cost the customer for a product that he/she does not want.


If all your sister did was enroll you as a customer without having you see the information about how your membership worked than shame on her. I am also pretty sure that when you spoke to customer service that they explained to you the procedure to follow to cancel your account.

I have helped several people cancel their accounts and when done the required way there have never been any issues. So don't blame the company if you couldn't see to follow the cancellation process.


This sounds shameful and corrupt. I'm sure you're not any different taking phone calls from customers.

Look at what you wrote to someone who was inconvenienced by this service and not an ounce of decency. You are literally proving their point


It's very obvious that you allowed her to sign you up and did not read the fine print. This is all on you and has nothing to do with their business practices.

Contact BBB >< Get involved>< https://www.google.com/search?q=bbb+melaleucaBe like a Songbird. #SavingLivesMatter #EverythingIsPossibleContact Idaho AGs office>

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