Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I have been a Melaleuca customer for 10 years completely committed on the cleaning products, they are absolutely the most effective that I have ever used.

Our 2 children have never missed a single day of school due to sickness, neither has had a cavity, and recieve glowing reports from the dentist.

I just recently started taking the vitamins and supplements, now I know this is hard to believe, but I've never felt more alert and so full of energy in my memory.

I know several people that are also Melaleuca customers and they are as convinced and dedicated as well.

My recommendation to anyone, is, become a customer, judge for yourself, and help you and your family live heathier more vibrant lives.

As far as you folks that didn't have a positive experience, sorry, but you didn't grasp the basic concept of shopping and choosing to use products free of harm to you and your family.

And I do save money everytime I shop!

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I am glad you have had a great experience. However, I urge you to educate yourself on the ingredients, turn the bottles around and research each ingredient.

They may be better than what's at the grocery store, but they are far from truly safe products, free of toxins. Please, learn about each ingredient, then make a self educated decision, not one based on what they tell you.


I am truly happy that I have researched each ingredient and it sure is safer for me and my family...I have yet to find anything better on the market, have you?


Our family has been Melalueca customers for over a year now and even though I haven't made much money, I haven't worked for the regular check I get every month for a few friends that order.

I have severe allergies to all cleaners and Melalueca has the cleaning products that do not affect my allergies. I have not had any breathing problems since using them and I would love them to be cheaper but compared to all the other companies that are simular, the products are better and reasonable. I have never run out of cleaner and I have a stocked pantry of products with five people at home with two pets. I have felt so much better about my dishes with knowing that no toxins are left on them after cleaning. I am better off not having toxic cleaners in my home compared to trying to save money on cleaners.

I will always recommend Melalueca products but I always budget my orders to fit my budget. I never spend more than $60 including shipping and always have compared prices to points to get the best deals. My last order is only $46 while still getting products I need and saving money by not having to go to a store that will always entice me to spend more. I would rather not shop at walmart and find all the things I don't really need and buy cleaners that are mostly water. At Melalueca I buy the concentrate and mix my own water which means alot more product. Just compare and you can see the difference in price is better.


Emily --

More websites for your research would be


To Emily,

I totally understand with your being skeptical, we have so many useless products and irresponsible companies out there!

However, I feel very sorry for you because you don't even know that you really don't know that you don't know. You can not believe what you see in Goggle, get the info from the official website: or for the EcoSense product lines.

I'm very passionate about the Melaleuca products because it saved my life from over 10 years of lupus and fibromyalgia problems. I am completely drug-free and back running 2 miles a day. Whether I do a Melaleuca business or not, I will be a customer for life!

Melaleuca is truly helping lots of people with physical wellness. Well, Melaleuca is a wellness company! You will be bless (physically) if you use these wellness products.

One more website I recommend you do some research:


so how did melaleuca help your lupus, my wife have lupus, and we have used melaleuca for five years?


I am not making any statements that are not true, everyone has the right to question what they read and hear.

I was posting what my family has experienced.

Again my closing comments were, if you desire, try them for yourself, be your own judge. I did not solicit anyone's business for myself or anyone. And yes I have referred people I know, some have become a Melaleuca customer, some have not.

I can google any company and find negative reports, as you well know, but there are very few companies that are inducted into the Better business bureau's hall of fame. I do belive this credential is worth more than Emily's rantings.


I wouldn't listen to the unsolicited rave review for anything from a stranger on the street (they're usually selling it... "ask me how I lost weight with x!"). Why on earth would I believe the overblown, wildly unrealistic claims of a stranger online?

I'd be willing to bet you sell this stuff, and that's your right. I'm just posting to balance out the rave review of something I doubt anyone needs (overpriced cleaning products sold directly), and that they should at least buy for logical, believable reasons, rather than the sales script of a person they can't hold responsible if they get ripped off.

Think of this as an infomercial. Would you believe that someone's kids had been THAT healthy for THAT long if you saw it at 3 AM on your TV?

Always consider the source. I have nothing to gain by pointing out that this writer might have everything to gain. I'm not selling anything; she most likely is. If it sounds like a sales pitch, chances are...

By the way, before believing this, please google the product. I just did, and I got pages of fraud complaints!


How are the products overpriced?


But you could be working for Procter and Gamble or some competitor. Just saying.

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