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I was advised I had to write a letter. Sign a letter.

Fax a letter. All to cancel an account. This is horrible. And to return an order, I basically had to do the same.

This is too complicated. Number one I signed on to this without knowing all of these limitations. I don't believe their products warrant all this bureaucracy. Plus they made sure that you can't make any complaints on their site because of course they want to be viewed as this elite institution.


I feel like I can't escape they hold you hostage on purpose. What such poor customer service organization

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: To be done with the company.

Melaleuca Cons: How i felt i, How i felt entraped.

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I agree. Jump thru hoops to get out of the cult.


What's hard about writing a letter and sending it to Melaleuca?

Step 1. Get a pen.

Step 2.

Get a piece of paper. (If you can't find a nice piece of paper, you can use a napkin or the back of a receipt.)

Step 3. With your pen, write the following on your piece of paper: your name, your Membership ID number (so they can easily locate your account), the words "Please cancel my account" and your signature. (While they encourage you to also include a reason, it's not necessarily required.)

Step 4.

Submit your paper to Melaleuca using any one of the following methods: mail, fax, e-mail... they even have an app called "Melaleuca Quick-Send" where you can actually take a picture of your letter with your mobile device and send it directly to them.

Step 5.

Wait about 1 or 2 business days. The only way you would have any problems after carefully following these steps is if you have very sloppy handwriting or if took a blurry picture.


The Cancellation Process is included in Melaleuca's "Statement of Policies" which you were asked to carefully read and understand before becoming a member.


They informed me I could not write a letter but must use my online account, which never works. After weeks of insisting they work with me, I emailed a screen shot of the request.

I was told I would receive confirmation in 24 hours, but I never did. The company continued to charge me. I finally got my credit card company to stop after Cs confirms cancellation on the phone. Cs also confirms having my returns and could not tell me why my card had not been credited.

I still have not been refunded and the company is stating they never received anything.

I literally wasted several hours back and forth with Cs and trying to get my online account to function... This went on for months.

It certainly was not worth it. I did not sign up for the hassle and rip off that I got.

Those products were no good for me and I learned that 100% satisfaction guarantee is worthless.


I know 4 different people who cancelled their account. Easy.

I just recieved a wax warmer that wasn't working and it took 2 minutes to fill out the paperwork and they paid shipping to send it back.

Going off personal experience with the company. I don't agree with either of this consumers statements.


Canceling your account is simple. You print out the cancellation letter in your account and send it in. All the items are 100% refundable, and it's easy to send them back.


This is an awesome company Melaleuca has helped me loose 55 pounds and gave my home better cleaning products that are better for your lungs to breathe Besides it's helped me create extra income from home while helping others!

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