Chicago, Illinois

When I called Melaleuca's corporate Headquarters I was told that I can only cancel online. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was curtly told that a supervisor would say the same thing.

I have attempted to find an option to quit on their website but have not been able to find any that will let me cancel my membership.

It's interesting that Melaleuca will gladly accept a fax with your credit card number to become a member but when I asked to fax in my cancelation I was told it can only be done on-line.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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Total scam. Just try to quit.

We had to actually cancel our credit card to rid ourselves of these thieves. Avoid at all costs!!!!


;) I think that they, just like any other company, should let you cancel no matter what. I dont need to order stuff every month and I dont need them taking money out of my account to send me *** I dont want!

If I didnt place an order that month then obviously I dodnt need anything and they should just leave it at that.

Im done, its a scam and you know it. Its just some *** pyramid and they take money from you no matter what.

Becky E

:grin I have worked with many companies over the years and Melaleuca is by far the most ethical company out there. If you are having problems I suspect that you have not read your agreement.

Melaleuca will honor every commitment they have made with you. The online cancellation policy is fairly new and makes it easier on you and protects you as well. Take a deep breath and go back to the website. If you really think about it, there are NOT similar replacement products out there.

There are a few 'green' products but the quality and price do not compare. Melaleuca's products are of the best quality and cost less per use. If you have a glut of one product _ NEWS FLASH - there are over 350 products from which to choose so there is no excuse for having one or two products piling up.

That's just laziness on your part. Grow up and stop blaming the company for your financial and frustration issues.

@Becky E

Is anybody supposed to believe that you aren't merely a Melaluca distributor protecting their market field?

@Becky E

They, and you, are *** scammers.




On the back of the pink copy of your customer membership agreement (the form you filled out in triplicate when you signed up with your rep) it says to cancel your membership you "...may cancel this Agreement for any reason at any time by giving written notice to Melaleuca bearing (your) original signature, printed name, address and Customer Number. Written cancellations received on or before the 25th of the month will be effective the month received...." Mail the your cancellation letter to: Melaleuca Inc., Yellowstone Hwy., Idaho Falls, ID 83402-6003.

I highy recommend you go to the post office and send your cancellation letter via certified mail with return receipt. If they don't cancel, call your credit card and ask for help with a merchant dispute, you'll probably need to give the credit card company a copy of the letter and copy of the post office return receipt to stop Melaleuca from continuing to charge you


Why would you be fretting over chump change you spend on products you are already buying at some store? I own a business I spent alot more on than you did on Melaleuca.I'm not even in the business but can see the possibilities of the company. Did you think you were going to plop down twenty nine dollars and get rich? LOL. it takes work to build any business. I have a friend that made enough money off this company to retire early. So get off your couch and turn your T.V. off and get to work for at least two to four years and you will thank me. :zzz


Thank you for explaining the membership agreement. I am also a marketing executive with Melaleuca and have encountered a small number of folks who 1) didn't bother to read it 2)forgot to order and then got the agreed upon back up order and/or 3)haven't tried Melaleuca's products to replace what they are purchasing elsewhere. All of these policies are covered in the presentation so there is no excuse for them not knowing.


I can no longer afford to continue my membership. Just can't find a way to cancel either.

Although I am glad my former friend and people I don't know are making money, I truly regret joining into this pyramid scheme. The products are good, although similar can be gotten cheaper. In order to get a fair price, I am buying more product than I need. The 6x detergent, for example, is accumulating on my washroom shelves because it can't be used fast enough.

But another question.

Why do dealers assume the products are green? Just because they were told so?


No problems with their products, just with their EXTREME lack of customer service. You cannot reduce orders (18 bottles each of 2 vitamins) and have to jump through hoops to cancel. I anticipate having to contest credit card fees at this point, and must recommend NOT giving this company any financial information.


Love, love, LOVE Melaleuca products & their integrity! Sorry you want to cancel...

Where else could we find superior, GREEN (Earth Friendly/NO nasty chemicals!), cost effective products delivered right to your door (saving gas/time/money!) for less than you'd pay (for inferior, over priced products) for at the Grocery Store or Pharmacy? Melaleuca products are extended customer to customer and ship fresh, directly from the manufacturer to YOU with NO middle man upon middle man mark up! They're concentrated and last sooooo long! On top of that, it's a wonderful business opportunity!

I'm so psyched to have found this company... Hello Dreams! You're coming true!

Hope your dreams come true, too! Best wishes!


Hi there,

I have been a happy Melaleuca customer for over 3 years. I'm sorry to hear you have gone crazy and want toxic products back in your home. HAHA kidding ;)

Seriously though. Why do you want to cancel is my biggest question?

If you do decide to still cancel then the reason they want you to go online to cancel is because there is a new online cancellation form that they didn't have until about 6 months ago. You used to be able to mail/fax but not anymore. I never asked why, but I'm thinking it's becuase when you go online to cancel they will show you the money you saved by shopping with them, how much money you got in FREE products, how long you were a customer, how much money you made (if you referred other customers), and it also shows you the benefits of being a Preferred Customer (in case there are some you didn't realize). It's for YOUR own benefit just to make sure you realize what you are cancelling and losing out on.

Also it's to better protect your account. Before, someone who knew my name, phone number and address could fax a letter to Melaleuca saying I want to cancel (even if I didn't want to cancel) and forge my sigature. Which I would lose out on HUNDREDS of dollars for my monthly paychecks!!! SO. THAT's why there is a sytem to the madness of cancelling :)

For help - contac the person who signed you up. Or contact THEIR enroller. If you don't know who that person is or don't have their phone number then call Business Development 208-522-0870


Been a customer for over 10 years love the products make over $10,000 a month

To cancel You can either mail a letter in but make sure it is at the beginning of the month as it takes mail awhile to get there or quicker go to Staples & fax a letter in with name & phone # with area code DO this by the 25th of the month & you dont have a problem.

If on a computer go to & can download a cancel form


actually, the cancellation can be sent via fax... Are u sure about the information you are sending out?

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