Tremonton, Utah

I have changed different brands to just Melalueca when available. I switched to the supplements and a huge difference within just a few days and later into a few months.

I am thrilled with the quality and the differences in my health. I am disappointed only in the negative comments I read about the membership. You do not have to be a member to purchase. If you signed up for the proffered customer program you knew going into it that you had a minimum.

I use up my min. in purchasing our monthly vitality packs for husband and myself. I get the discount this way as well. It is not a scam.

his gives you 30-40 percent off the suggested retail and allows you added benefits. I too have been receiving my loyalty dollars for percentage from previous months purchases. I feel I am in a win -win situation as a preferred customer. If you feel you did not understand before signing then you should not have signed.

I hope this has not offended anyone. If you want to try again knowing you will be purchasing something you want every month as I do it is not a burden but a benefit.

Reason of review: All of the above.

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Agree wholeheartedly!


Thank you for writing this comment. My husband and I are trying to decide if this is a good program for us so we are reading customer reviews.

So far, I like it. And also, they do tell you up from that there are minimum points that you need to spend to stay as a preferred customer.

So I get it. Thank you for your comment.