Katy, Texas

So far I have loved the products and the convenience of shopping. The lotion has helped with my psoriasis and I hate going to the store so the shopping online is awesome.

I am about to have a baby so I went with this company for the toxin free component. So far everything has worked as well if not better than the chemicals that I used to use. Everything comes to my door which is really nice. Another thing I like is that everything is concentrated so that it is not too heavy for me to lift since I am only supposed to lift 15lbs and less.

This makes putting things up much easier. The pump for the laundry detergent makes it to where I can let my son do his laundry without the fear of him putting too much in.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Melaleuca Pros: Cleaning products, Toothpaste, High quality product.

Melaleuca Cons: Shipping charges.

  • Lotion
  • Environment
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