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I have been a member for nearly 24 years. These are truly life-changing products.

This year I will be 78. The nutrition products have helped me immensely. The home care products have reduced my allergies to an extremely low level. But the greatest advantage to being a Melaleuca customer is the chance to enhance someone else's life.

I encourage anyone reading this review to find someone in Melaleuca to enhance your life too. The business opportunity is spectacular as well. This is nearly a two billion dollar a year company now. The company is paid out billions of dollars in referral fees and all you have to decide is how much of that you'd like to have.

Come join us and have your life enhanced too. Jim Beck, Powell Ohio

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Supplement.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Melaleuca Pros: All product lines.

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I can tell you're a member of the Melalueca Society ...you just love trying to get people to believe in this scheme. It's a complete Rip-Off!

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