I love the products...I just can't afford another $60. to my bills.

I know I'll be sorry when I run out but my Dr. has put me on some strong and very expensive medication. I can't afford both for Rheumatoid Arthritis. I can't buy prescriptions and vitamins.

I was hoping to avoid the stronger medication but I'm a hairdresser and have to stand a lot on a very swollen ankle, which makes my job painful.

By Friday I can hardly walk. I wish this had worked out for me because I really like the vitamins versus chemo for the artritis.

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Possible that the vitamins are not reducing the oxidative stress associated with the arthritis. Would like to introduce you to a product that reduces oxidative stress.


I'm so sorry to hear their products didn't work for you. I have been very lucky, I went off all my pain meds and Fibromyalsia meds and switched to their products.

My health problems are degenerative disc disease, degenerative bone disease, fibro. Arthritis. That I've found this to work for me has been a total blessing in cost and the feeling I can safely do this long-term. I'm truly sorry it didn't work.

I do feel every person has to experiment to find what works when it comes to autoimmune disorders.

Mine these vitamins, exercise, no sugar and to know I will always have some pain but drugs are not always the answer for me.



Our son's eczema, unsuccessfully treated with topical and oral steroids, responded well to Renew lotion by Melaleuca in less than 7 days. I was a skeptic at first when I listened to the presentation, but became a believer after what I witnessed with my son.


I too have RA at 60 years old and, frankly, using the RIGHT combination of Melaleuca products, over a period of 6 months, has: 1) taken me from a "walker" to a "cane" (and only on uneven ground so I don't lose my balance) 2) hugely reduced the inflammation in my knees, ankles and injured shoulder 3) most importantly, my Doctor was so impressed and has taken me off of 3 of 4 of my prescription drugs and I only now take 1 shot of Enbrel every 18 days instead of 1 shot every week. Also, I had a bad knee replacement in 2008 that left me with neuropathy in my left foot (like walking on broken shards of glass) and the Provex CV has taken me off of 2 of 3 of my narcotic pain meds - I only take 1/2 of one at night because it is the only one out of 7 others suggested by the neurologist and tried that mildly helps calm down the nightly neuropathy in the foot.

I am currently unemployed but you can believe me when I say that my 1st expense each month are my Melaleuca products: ProvexCV, Replenex XS Drink, Vitality Pack 50+ and Sustain ruby Red Grapefruit. I write all of these products off on my income tax because they are, for me, successfully treating my RA and neuropathy symptoms. in 2010 becore becoming a customer, I tracked what I purchased pre-Melaleuca for 2 months and saw that I actually saved with Melaleuca about $120-$187 each month by purchasing good quality Melaleuca products instead of the toxic grocery store products. I alternate what I purchase each month to keep my order at about $58-$62 each month.

circumstances might change, but for now - NEVER SWITCHING from Melaleuca. Nothing else had helped and I was a basket case from all of the meds being prescribed . . .

no longer, though! Oh - I also found that the Gluten-Free Access Bars and Attain Bars help with my RA too because the more Gluten I cut out of my diet, the much better my joints feel . .

. and it is SO HARD to stop eating Gluten products (they are addictive) when you are in pain with RA and a sore shoulder and feet!


What an awesome testimony SaSa!!! Thank you for sharing!



I have been a member since May 2012 and am extremely happy with most of the products I used. Specifically, the supplements and vitamins, the Renew lotion, the cleaning products, like "Sol-U Mel", Sol-U Guard", dish cleaning soaps and dishwasher detergents, laundry products, hair care products like the Herbal Shampoo, the Melaleuca gel and Oil for health care and first aid, and most of all, I have found absolutely no problem at any time with the customer service. I do agree that the monthly order minimum of 35 points, which translates into around $60-70 month + shipping and tax. But, if you realize that there are more than 350 products to choose from, you will probably find at least 40 -50 that you will want to use on a regular basis. Also, my health now at the age of 60+ is better now since taking the supplements and vitamins than it was 20 years ago. Yeah sure, age does have its' issues, but with the vitamins and other supplements, I am able to do things I couldn't 3 years ago. And oh, by the way, if you write down, and I do mean write down every dollar you spend on everything each month, you will find items that you can do better using Melaleuca than any and all of the store brands. For those of you who have trouble every month meeting their bills, Just giving people information about Melaleuca and getting them to try the products, 95% of the people will reorder monthly for many years. That is a way to make extra money, and in fact, even replace income you have trouble making your bills with.

The hardest thing to do is to change habits, which I know about first hand. But when you can be true to yourself and really sit down and figure out where every dollar you spend goes, then perhaps you may be able to change your life by changing your habits. Changing habits that have not helped improve your life will be a good start to changing your life for the better. You owe it to yourself to consider using this opportunity to rebuild your income by following proven steps that work. Commit to a new way of life if you want to make your life better. And lastly, if one of your friends asks you the following- ""I need a dentist because I am in pain and have not been happy with my dentist. Do you know anyone?" If you were happy with your dentist (doctor, vet, piano tuner, baker, grocery store CPA, Lawyer or ANYONE) would you hesitate to make a recommendation? No. Why? Because you care about the person who asked, OR, you care about helping others. There isn't anything wrong with helping others to do better. Even if you don't get paid for doing it, there is a wonderful feeling you can have by being a "good soul". Well, how about doing that AND getting paid! Think about it! It's a great way to live - help others to make their lives better, and you make your life better at the same time. It is a true WIN-WIN situation. a NO BRAINER!

So, if you are having trouble making ends meet, you should listen to people who are successful in this business. You don't have to agree, but if you don't know the facts, you do not give yourself the chance that you deserve. :)


I am so sorry you are going through all of this. I hope you will not abandon the better products of Melaleuca, and I assume you will not abandon doing laundry, using deodorant, using toothpaste and mouthwash, doing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, sanitizing your salon, and of course, using the best haircare.

The Sei Bella products have to 'beat' the salonn brands. Will you be drinking delicious drinks, and shouldn't they be GOOD for you? fifteen cents a serving too much? Delicious meal replacements and tasty shakes (extremely nutritious, and so important to people who have immune diseases to have excellent nutrition,).

My friend told me years ago that I WOULD pay for supplements, either by buying them, or having costly diseases. Basics are $5 a week, and I really encourage you to do it!

Take good care of yourself. You'll be so glad you did, and except for the $5 a week, it's all products you buy now.


Hey people, no one is going to be happy with everything in life. You think Melaleuca is a "bad" company?

Tell you what, go to the web pages for Kroger, Giant Eagles, Sears, etc., and you'll find a mountain of complaints for them as well, so are those companies "scams"? Yet, you still shop them and yes there are times when you want to return something and it is a hassle. How about the 15% "restocking fee" you have to absorb if you return an item without a receipt. Melaleuca has been around for almost 30 years and they have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Would a "scam" company have the highest rating from the BBB? Melaleuca even received an award from the BBB and those awards are not given out lightly. As it has been written in some of these comments, Melaleuca is not for everyone and that's okay. You're not going to please everyone.

Some people complain they can't come up with a 35 point order. You don't have to order the same products every month. Try something different one or two months and by that time you're ready to re-order on your original order. You can even suspend your monthly order for up to six (6) months.

The only "trick" I see to Melaleuca is many people will not take the time to do research on something they're getting into.

I was in a multi-level marketing company at one time and I can tell you there is a BIG difference between that type of company and Melaleuca. I'll take Melaleuca any day over what I was involved with that caused my wife and I to eventually have to file for bankruptcy.


Have you tried Replenex? It is especially formulated for arthritis pain.

I have a dog who was from a rescue home and he could hardly walk without a limp. I have put him on them and 3 months later he is running with us down the beach without his limp.

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