Boulder, Colorado

I love the products. They do a fantastic job, non toxic, and made in the USA.

I keep a grocery list of items I want to order so when the month starts I am ready to go. The cleaning products cost less than what is in the grocery store. plus I get a loyalty discount. I don't have to go up and down the aisles, then log it in the house.

It is all delivered to me! My time costs something.

Everytime I have called the company, I am speaking to someone in the US and has resolved and answered my questions. WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE?

Reason of review: Reliable warranty.

Melaleuca Cons: Mineral powder make up.

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Lol the "horrible smell" is Malaleuca oil or eucalyptus oil.


Many of the Melaluka products are not non toxic. I was taken hook line and sinker.

Told from the start all products were non toxic and all natural. Until I got my first shipment and read through the products and their ingredients.

Many of the products also have a horrible smell. I do however love the oil and do still use it today.