Melaleuca is not the only company with an auto ship program. It Works and Nerium are two others that also have this policy. It's all about being informed when you enroll!

To me, their products are worth every cent! Way better quality than what you buy at Walmart. And I don't understand when people complain about the 35 points a month! I guarantee you buy at least that much every month from Walmart, target, etc. it's just switching stores! I love Melaleuca and will never switch back to any other brand!

Their customer service has always been fantastic also. I have received help when I call with questions, and 2 times I returned a product and was refunded immediately.

I also like that they don't push you into selling it. 88% of customers do not enroll people. Unlike all those other companies out there that people join just for the money and to sell it. Melaleuca genuinely just wants people to be happy, healthy customers.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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