Mount Laurel, New Jersey

I have been purchasing products for 4 years and my family loves Melaleuca products. It is an online store of better, safer products - at extremely competitive pricing.

Think of Whole Foods quality at Target pricing. You can suspend your account anytime by faxing or mailing the company. It is straight forward and the value proposition it brings to the consumer is......a CHOICE in the personal consumer products we use in our homes. Wow online shopping of environmentally sensitive products - at great pricing?

22 patents in the company - the best of science and nature....

Thank you Melaleuca.

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I'm gonna be honest, unless we find ourselves in a Paradasaic World, we are going to have to in the meantime use hygiene products made with the " best" formulas imperfect man has invented. Why don't we just share with one another what we do like, save the negative comments for the landfill.


You need to read the ingredients especially in the kids body wash it's the same ingredients as Johnson & Johnson No More Tears (Melaleuca actually has more ingredients) except Melaluca has aloe, Vit E, oat, & chamomile to make you feel all warm & fizzy inside as if you are using a natural product. Also the last time I checked Whole Foods does not sell Johnson & Johnson products.


I beg to differ with the same as j&j products. Melaleuca doesn't use formaldehyde known as quaternium 15 by most j&j products. Your research has led you astray.


These products DO NOT MEASURE UP to the top of the line natural products out there in any shape or form. Just because a few recipes or methodologies for delivery of product have patents DOES NOT MAKE them good for you.


What do you consider TOP OF THE LINE? Name a few please. I'll bet I can prove you wrong.

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