Medford, Oregon

We like their Diamond-Brite (dishwasher detergent), Sol-u-Guard (a thyme based disinfectant), Tough & Tender (general purpose cleaner), Mela Magic (heavier duty version of Tough & Tender, great for floors, patio furniture, etc.), and Sol-u-Mel for getting stains off of leather (it's a general purpose item that can be used for about a billion and one things apparently. DH and DD1 like the toothpaste. DD2 is much younger and the toothpaste would be too strong for her as it's adult strength with the mint flavouring...

I don't use their shampoos, body soaps, lip balm, face creams, lotions or anything like that...

And we don't sell it...ever; it's not my style. My mom and I signed up together on some sort of consumer plan and we just buy a certain amount of products monthly and we get the discount for doing that. She buys one month, I buy the next. We both use the Florify Probiotics supplement which is one of the best probiotic supplements I've used, so we go through 2 bottles of that per month in each of our families so with that and cleaning stuff occasionally it's easy to meet the monthly point requirements.

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K get a job or are you being paid to complain and make false statements


I was waiting for a complaint since this is what this forum is for. I hate Meleluca...they are a rip off and don't care about the consumer/consultant.

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