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i trusted a friend and signed up, within 20 minutes of making my first order i called in because i wanted to cancel it, i didn't notice that there was a shipping charge. the customer service agent said that it's too late "the package is already at UPS and it will cost you $10 to return it".

i asked for a tracking number (to see if its even true that UPS got it) she said its not available.

when i asked if she can maybe call the driver that is bringing it to UPS she said she cant, its too late. now to cancel my account i need to check off 20 boxes saying how i acknowledge that i'm losing "all these benefits" then i need to print a form and not only sign I NEED TO GET MY WIFE TO SIGN TOO" THIS IS THE WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE I'VE EVER HAD - AND ALSO THE FIRST BAD REVIEW I HAVE EVER DONE

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Melaleuca Cons: Service - customer experience, Dishonesty.

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Puritybis a great company just call in if u ordering free bottles so they help or remove future charges..it comes with an invoice..you just didn't read it..most ppl are busy n forget they can call in to modify after the free bottle


I'm contacting the BBB because just like this has happened to me & a few family members, it's happening too often. Melaleuca is a Rip-Off! The reps talk a good game, but they're all liars & thieves.


You are very mistaken. Not a ripoff at all.


I agree, I was annoyed that my husband, who has nothing to do with my account had to sign. Why can't you just cancel over the phone like you can everything else!?! Just to delay the process and take more money!


If you return it to the UPS driver or a UPS store without opening it, it will be returned to the sender at their cost, not yours. Also, if you used a credit card and have a problem, let them resolve it. Tell them it was returned to the vendor unopened and you want a charge refund.


thank you will do

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