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So I joined melaleuca about 2 months ago and was decently happy with the products I had purchased. I felt they were a bit overpriced but they worked well so I was happy.

Today I went to go buy some things that I needed around the house and my card declined. I had just gotten paid a few days ago so I was in shock. I hadn't done much shopping since pay day so I checked my bank account. Melaleuca had taken almost 70 dollars out of my account with out me even knowing.

When I signed up I was not informed that if I didn't place an expensive enough of an order that this would happen. I tried to call the company and of course the business hours were closed and now I am stuck with 15 dollars in my account to last me the whole week. I have no clue what they are sending me or why they took so much money out. I am a college student that only works part time.

I am not made of money and I have bills to pay. If you decide to become a melaleuca member, beware. They don't even send you an email to let you be aware of this random money leaving your bank account.

Don't join this company. I am cancelling first thing in the morning and demanding a refund.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I agree totally. This company's policies should be illegal.

they are a total rip off. The oil i ordered smells like chemicals and they did not want to take it back.Also I see my friends' marriage deteriorating because one thinks they are making money and the other knows it s just being spent..

So thankful I got out thanks to my bank...at least I hope I am out!


When you checkout and you are short 35 pts. there is a message in red in white font says "You have not yet met your product point commitment this month of 35 points."


It seems to me that the person that got you involved with Melaleuca is the one you should be upset with. The membership agreement is clear that you have to purchase 35 points worth of product each month (as every product has a certain number of points assigned to it).

There is a safety feature set up that automatically ships an order worth 35 points in the chance that you may forget to place your order. This order can be customized.

It is unfortunate that this happened, especially if these facts were not made clear. For those people who say they can't afford to buy the 35 points worth of products each month, then you either shouldn't sign up as a customer or suspend/cancel your membership as soon as you realize this.


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