Miami, Florida

hello my name is PAULO DE OLIVEIRA costume #74354612 I want to cancel my account because i dont like getting automatic products that i dont want because i still have to pay for something i dont want i want to send the package back and the TUB&TILE has damaged a big part of the bathroom floor huge bleach stain is stuck on the bathroom floor because of it and the other stuff was a lot of money for small value i really was bugged by the product and some other things i bought i hope to get my money back with no tricks.

Monetary Loss: $115.

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What else did you use on your floor? Tub& Tile contains NO BLEACH. NONE!!


Don't try to been *** melaleuca products dont contain bleach you can drink it and jothing happen dahhh but is people like you who always trying to pull somenthing from a good company Melaleuca is the best this product work even in granite you know this stone dont lie please.


Well, it couldn't have been a bleach stain, b/c none of their products have bleach. I bet if you told this information to Melaleuca they'd cancel your account for you!

You signed a contract. Send in the necessary paperwork and they'll cancel your account immediately.


RIDICULOUS to expect someone to send in "paperwork" to cancel these "automatic" (let's call it what it is, automatic orders, not "backup orders") orders and accounts. Came so close to getting scammed by this company, thankfully I looked into their practices first.


All you have to do is log into your account, and on the upper right you'll see where it says "My Account". Click on it and then on the menu that shows up on the right hand side click on "Suspend Preferred Customer Benefits". Your Automated shipments stop, you no longer have to buy 35 points a month worth of products. Of course your prices will increase by around 30 to 40%, but that's it. It's THAT simple.

If you think the products are not worth it, simply checkout Amazon and see what some of the products are going for. Renew Lotion that you could buy for around $13.00 as a Preferred Member or around $23.00 as a standard member is selling for $30.00. The Soap that you can buy in a 3 pack for $3.78 each, sells for $10.00!

All you would have had to do is call the company and they would have explained all this to you, but instead you go on this website to rant about it... makes me curious ... did you just sign something without reading it?


It might be a second language problem here, and you were the only person who acted with respect. Now the racist jerks will show their colors.

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