The most common complaint I hear about Melaleuca in here is that it’s hard to cancel. It is really very simple.

I put an account on hold for a customer every month or so. You can download a form, but you can also write a note saying ‘Please put my account on hold.’ Sign it, put the date and your phone number. I send in the ones I do with an app called Melaleuca Quick Send. The person who enrolled you probably has that to send paperwork in.

It’s like depositing a check online. Take a picture of the note and hit send. If they don’t have it they can download it, or you can. I think it was $10.

Your account will be cancelled until you go back in to shop again. If you go over 6 months or past your renewal date you will have to enroll again to start shopping.

I can’t imaging ever having a month that I don’t need my Melaleuca products. I would have to buy inferior toxic products for more money at a local store anyway, because they are all consumables that I use every day.


Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Reason of review: Honest return, exchange or cancellation policy.

Melaleuca Pros: Saving money on safe products delivered to my door, Wonderful products.

Melaleuca Cons: Some people enroll others without correct information.

  • Love Melaleuca
  • No Scam Here
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