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I am a mother of four and a special education teacher. One of the primary conditions I encounter with my students is Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I've always heard the best way to treat ADD/ADHD was with traditional medications that were prescribed by doctors, and that's exactly the route I took when my son was diagnosed 3 years ago. His doctors prescribed Adderall. For this medication, we needed to go to the doctor's office once a month to get a refill prescription, and we paid around $30/month for the medication. I didn't even pay attention to the side effect warnings. I just knew my son had ADHD and needed relief. I thought I was being a good parent by providing him medication, but I learned otherwise.

Within a month of taking his medication, my son was more focused but seemed to lose his personality a bit. His teachers marveled at his progress with his focus and ability to pay attention, but we were concerned with his fatigue and irritability that accompanied his medication. Soon, we noticed he started having frequent nose bleeds, lost his color in his face and lost his appetite. It wasn't until I took a picture of him that I noticed how pale he was. His medication caused him to have side effects of fatigue, anemia, weight/appetite loss and incredibly---DELUSIONS! My son reluctantly admitted to me that he was hearing voices, and we took him off the medication immediately.

My son's teachers weren't pleased with our decision to stop his ADHD medication. They complained of his lack of attention and focus, and his grades were dropping again. We needed a solution, but I wasn't willing to risk any more side effects. That's when we found Melaleuca and Provex Plus. I absolutely love to show my son's before (on medication) and after picture (on Provex Plus) to people. His before picture shows his pale skin, sunken eyes and fatigue. His new picture, which was taken 3 months after he stopped Adderall and started Provex Plus, shows a happy, filled-out, color-in-his cheeks and glimmer-in-his-eyes young man. Provex Plus has saved him! He can pay attention, gets A's in school and is super healthy. Above all, he said, "I feel normal again," with a sigh and a smile on his face. I cringe to thi nk what would've happened if we kept my son on Adderall.

On top of Provex Plus, we believe that taking the chemicals out of the home has helped with my son's focus. Kids with ADD/ADHD are sensory sensitive. Combining a super-antioxidant to rid the body of the toxins (Provex Plus) with eliminating chemicals in the home has been a perfect combination for our son. He went from being uninterested in sports and activities to a young man who is exceeding at football and immersed into extracurricular activities. He is happy and healthy, and we feel blessed everyday to have found Melaleuca and Provex Plus.

hope this info can help other families too.

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Thanks for posting this. My nephew had been diagnosed with ADHD and the prescribed medication didn't work for him either.

He is going to have to repeat kindergarten.

I'll pass this info along to his mom...maybe it will help. Thanks again!


This actually really helped me. We just became customers of Melaleuca and the main reason was to try the Provex Plus.

I just ordered and I am hoping it really helps my daughter. She has severe insomnia too.

I think the Ritalin doesn't help with that. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.


Sherrie, that's wonderful. Shouldn't you be posting this info on "webmd.com" or "savingtheworld.com" instead of "pissedconsumer.com".

I mean if it's not about money and i had this experience that's what i would do. just saying....


Hi I too am a very pleased customer and have a 5 yr old who hasn't been diagnosed with ADHD which provex was it that helped him?

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