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I have had trouble using Melaleuca system and getting people enrolled when I was first enrolled it was any problems you have just ask I will be there and the team will be there I still have no idea who the team is and have told my enroller several time the problems I have been having and still nothing no support at all all they can say is somebody is going to call me and help me I have been waiting for this call for over a week and have heard from nobody yet all I wanna do is quit but from reading different things online it seems as though it is going to be a nightmare and a long and drawn out process to quit and another thing that drives me nuts is everytime you open your email they are trying to drive their brand and all their ideas down my throat with *** emails and team calls and scripts and emails from this one and that one and someone else it drives me absoloutly crazy they have all the time in the world to write *** emails but no time to help somebody out that needs help it's it so clearly obvious now that this is nothing like they tell you it is in fact it is totally opposite like i said earlier it is all im going to help you and if you have any problems just ask and blah blah blah and then when I do have a problem nothing I sent an email the other day to the person who enrolled me and was asking about quitting and they said think about it first and i guess you don't want to build a business so I thought about it and then a few hours later made my mind up that I want to quit send the email saying I want to quit for sure all I got back was an email about a team call are you serious how does me saying i want to quit mean that I want to be part of a team call with a bunch of people that just go on and on and on about how great it is and the whole time you listen it is so easy to just hear between the lines how they are talking that they enrolled people just sounds like they are saying how they conned people and then saying don't let them tell you no if they try keep trying to sell them on it like really if someone is not interested they are not interested driving them nuts is not going to make them join in closing I want nothing more than to quit ad it is due to poor support from anybody

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You don't have to "build a business" with Malaleuca. I just recently joined because I liked the products, not because I want to make money off of people I refer.

Some people get into to for the finacial gain but you don't have to. You already buy cleaning products, health and beauty products and cereal right? Why not do it through a company that gives referral money to people in your community rather than to Wal-Mart. Not to mention these products are both environmentally friendly and family friendly.

The products you buy at Wal-Mart are chemicals. We know they are bad, but we still use them, on ourselves and in our homes.

Here is company that makes it easy to get safe and healthy products at a reasonable cost. I hope people see the value in that.



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