I was signed up by a friend for an "awesome business opportunity" where I would "save money on things I already buy".While it has only cost me 1$ (so far, I canceled as soon as I could) I realized that their products are similar if not identical to any poor-quality, toxic chemical product you would find at target or Walmart.

Not only am I wasting money (they ARE more expensive!) but I would have been poisoning myself and my children. I don't appreciate that I was discouraged from learning about the ACTUAL ingredients until after my E-signature was submitted, and that I have to print, sign, and send a form to them to cancel! All around shady, pushy, and falsely marketed.

Very disappointed!

PS: MOST (if not ALL) of their products have cheap, irritating additives and are not healthy for you at all.Some are even suspected

Melaleuca Cons: I do not like.

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Nonsense! There are no known harmful ingredients in the products.

While the Walmart cleaning compounds may be cheaper they use toxic and poisonous ingredients to dissolve grease. If you can read and understand labels Melaleuca products will be the healthiest and safest and often the least expensive.


Sorry you're disappointed. My family and I are so much healthier since we started using their NONTOXIC products.

I'm off allergy medicine and my daughter's off asthma medicine. There's the proof! The vitamins are the best! Yes I pay more money and SO VERY WORTH IT!

I pay more for my food, too!

No pesticides, preservatives or other modified junk goes in our bodies. It costs more for higher quality but the long-term health benefits make it so worth it!


I have been a customer for 7 years because I have a small child and don't want to have the toxic chemicals around him. All the products work and are living proof that they are not cheap and they work better than the products in Target or Walmart.

They last longer because they are concentrated and that's how you save money. Anywhere you go the natural and organic products cost more because the demand isn't high.

Once people start converting to natural products the demand will go up and the cost will come down. Simple Marketing 101.


I just changed everything in our house after my son has a break out of something on his face. I suspect it was eczema, but decided to use Melaleuca products instead of running to the dermatologist first.

The products worked within 7 days, changing soap, lotion, using Melaleuca oil, and washing his clothes in products too. I can't imagine this person has actually one anything.

I once was against Melaleuca because I didn't know enough. Educating yourself will help transform the perceptions.


I sense this person never ordered anything and used it long enough If she cancelled Immediately..we have non buying people who merely putting everything and anything they can down..Its called Gossiping whoremongers.


Prove It! I think your just a person with the mlm bug get rich quick.

The produts are better than the grocery brands!

Look at the real fact all the many people who health has changed overall!

You hear the opposite using the traditional store brands!


Can you be more specific about the ingrident part?


Melaleuca does not have ammonia, bleach, and other harmful ingredients that obligate to the manufacturer to put "Danger" labels and kid lock lids; check your kitchen.