Augusta, Georgia

I have been extremely concerned about some of the Melaleuca products I have been using. First of all, I will not buy any of their food products because most of them contain artificial sweeteners hidden in the ingredients.

I began to think, If these are in the food, maybe the body products aren't safe either. I then realized the body wash and lotions have ingredients such as dimethicone and phenoxyethanol. Phenoxyethanol can alter DNA. I think it is very dangerous and can cause cancer.

After doing much research, I know there is no way I could offer most of these products to other people with good conscience. It's a shame because there are a couple products I like such as the detergent and fabric softener. I am going to look next into their cleaning products.

They all list "preservatives" as an ingredient but it doesn't explain what preservatives. Anyone using Melaleuca should be doing their own research.

Reason of review: dangerous ingredients.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Melaleuca Pros: Customer service.

Melaleuca Cons: Dangerous product ingredients.

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Is Melaleuca, Inc. an MLM scam?

Be careful what you're selling your friends and family.


You're a genius Ken. barf :0


U should email to customer service for more detail information instead of complaining here.


I can't understand the Soy they are putting in all the edible products. Soy makes me bloated and sick...

I'm leaving this company..

they need to list ingredents like every other company.


Thank you all for your feedback. I was approached by a consultant, and while I got a lot of info about the company specs, I still don't know what their ingredient policies are!

I recommend Arbonne for health & wellness, LOVE the products and they are the safest, in my opinion ;) because they use the EU standards as a guide (questions:

I need recommendations for cleaning supplies that WORK...currently trying Shaklee, Attitude Laundry, and Method...


I use better life. Products work great and are safe and natural.

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