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I have been extremely concerned about some of the Melaleuca products I have been using. First of all, I will not buy any of their food products because most of them contain artificial sweeteners hidden in the ingredients.

I began to think, If these are in the food, maybe the body products aren't safe either. I then realized the body wash and lotions have ingredients such as dimethicone and phenoxyethanol. Phenoxyethanol can alter DNA. I think it is very dangerous and can cause cancer.

After doing much research, I know there is no way I could offer most of these products to other people with good conscience. It's a shame because there are a couple products I like such as the detergent and fabric softener. I am going to look next into their cleaning products.

They all list "preservatives" as an ingredient but it doesn't explain what preservatives. Anyone using Melaleuca should be doing their own research.

Reason of review: dangerous ingredients.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Customer service.

I didn't like: Dangerous product ingredients.

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Melaleuca products have the same harsh ingredients as store bought products. I felt very deceived by this company that advertises as a wellness company.

Phenoetxhanol causes birth defects which is an ingredient that is in many products that I vowed to stay away from. I was very angry to find this ingredient in melaleuca products.


I have been using melaleuca products for years because I thought they were safe products. Once I became more educated I too realized that the ingredients they used were very harmful. I was very disappointed and angry to find this out.


Most preservatives in Melaleuca products are Lemon. About 20 lemons help the products last longer.

Also Fragrance listed is fruit fragrance or flower fragrance. Melaleuca protects their products ingredient lists, they have many patents, like Coca Cola protects their secret formula.

I have been using the products 13 years and have no health issues. My asthma went away, have had it about 50 years and once I converted my home to Melaleuca I no longer needed the inhalers for me and my children and grandchildren.

to Evelyn #1592852

I was told by a Melalucea rep that "fragrance" is synthetic...please call and simply ask.


I am concerned about this exact same thing... that's why I conducted a search.What preservatives?

Schaumburg, Illinois, United States #1113096

This company admitted using METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE which is for sure NOT NATURAL, it is very chemical and very BAD preservative! They do refuse to give you exact ingredients list, they are allowed to hide behind trade secret!!!!!

This government should IMMEDIATELY BAN cosmetic companies from using trade secret!!! It is their way of hiding ingredients from people, not from other cosmetic companies, those other companies can afford to have a product tested, it is regular folks that can't afford it!!!!

to Mila #1160978

Well said

Hobbs, New Mexico, United States #1042680

Please look at anything listed scent of fragrance. They are made with chemicals.

Prince Frederick, Maryland, United States #1009746

Try H2O at home, they are Cleaning and Personal Care Products that are certified chemical and toxin free by Nature & Progres and EcoCert. They also offer a 10% money back guarantee if you are completely satisfied.

They also work wonderfully, in fact you can clean you house for the most part with just water and their Chiffonnettes. www.myh2oathome.com/sharonmurtha/.

to Anonymous #1364237

H20 at Home is awesome!!!



Blythewood, South Carolina, United States #939042

All of their ingredients came from plants and they use non-harsh chemicals-chemicals that will not cause us extremely DNA alterations compare to other products out there. Speaking of chemicals, and this is just for comparison, next time you go to Walmart or your favorite grocery store, check out the label of the bacon.

Yes, our favorite bacon! It contains nitrate- a main ingredient in antifreeze that we use on our windshield. And there are many other products out there that are harsher than melaleuca's that you should be concerned about. Melaleuca's product information advocate will tell you what's in the "preservatives" if you have questions.

I did my research on ingredients foreign to me and I called product customer service for further explanation and comparison. They really are better than others! I will rather take my chances with melaleuca products than other stores! Next time you go to your store, see if you can drink Lysol daily disinfectant because You can with melaleuca's version of it!

They don't have security caps and my visitor's child got hold of it, that's when I found out you won't die or get really sick. I can only imagine what would have happened with that child if he got other brands!

to Anonymous #1456879

Should still be kept out of the reach of children! Rather take your chances?!

Are you one of the reps defending this "natural" green washing co? give me a break..

to Anonymous #1477491

Cleaning with vinegar would be safer than Melaleuca...safer than top brands doesn't cut it for me.

to Anonymous #1503974

This is so true, my friends son drank some of our most strongest cleaner and he is just fine, Poison Control told him to drink water because it is very sour because of the many lemons Melaleuca uses to preserve it

to Anonymous #1507548

You forgot to add they test on animals after signing an agreement with PETA to never test on animals!!!!

to Anonymous #1606977

I would like to know where you got info on signing agreement with PETA


Have you ever called their product support line at 1-800-742-8094 to discuss your concerns? I have always found them to be extremely helpful and very educational.

Be careful what you read on the Internet to be true. There is a lot of misinformation out there.

to TLB #897558

They will not give you a list of ingredients. They claim its proprietary information. Why buy products without knowing what's in them?

to healthygal Bay Shore, New York, United States #899290

I had a different experience than you. I am highly allergic to a preservative that most manufactures add to there liquid products to prevent mold or mildew to develop over shelf life.

It is call Methylisothiazolinone. I called the 800# and told the woman I am highly allergic to this preservative and she gave me a full run down of every product that has it and every product that does not have it.

I called major companies when I was diagnosed with this and not one major company gave me the time of day to answer my question. From my experience,They will tell you what ever you need to know about there product.

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