New Milford, New Jersey
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I'm very annoyed that Melaleuca has discontinued the production of the Sei Bella tinted moisturizer anymore. It has left me with no acceptable product from many that I have tried.

What would you suggest I do? If I could find out the ingredients in Sei Bella, I would even consider having someone make it up for me. If you will Not produce it any longer, would it be possible for you to give me a list of its ingredients? I'm desperate!

Would it be possible for me to get the Sei Bella from another country that you distribute it to? If so, please advise.

Thank you very much.

Reason of review: discontinued product.

Melaleuca Pros: Customer service, Products.

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It is my understanding that our wonderful Sei Bella tinted moisturizer will return as it is being reformulated. I can barely wait because it is absolutely the very best.

In the meantime, I am using Merle Norman tinted moisturizer which is very close but not the same.

Let's be patient and check every month to see if our favorite is available. I expect it will be even better because this is the aim of Melaleuca to have the very best.


Try Osmosis, they are a skin care company out of Colorado, Evergreen I think. They have a tinted primer that I love. You might find it on Amazon??


have found that their products are addictive, not in a good way. I loved and used the shampoo/conditioner for 2 years, didn't get a chance to order more, grabbed my old brand at the store, now I cant stop itching my head! Same with the vitamin, major withdrawal symptoms...


So let me get this straight...because the store brand made your head itch and Melaleuca's brand doesn't, Melaleuca is a BAD thing? The store brand made your head itch because there are ingredients in it that irritate skin.

Melaleuca does not contain harsh ingredients and they sooth and heal your skin. It's not because they are addictive, it's because THEY WORK!

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