Morris Plains, New Jersey
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This company charged my credit card without my permission. (I previously signed with another card, but had that one put on hold because I lost it) than had to pay because I did not put in an order for the month.

I started a new job and time was tight...also got sick..they are just like a monkey on your back, so I used my debit card and did not give them permission to charge against it for future purchased...I may speak with a lawyer on this one...then they sent *** I did not order because I did not have time to go through their can't send them an e-mail...or a word doc...This company should be stopped...their products are not a safe as they claim...Why couldn't they just create a "certificate" like they did so I could at the very least order something I could they want me to pay to ship back an order I never ordered.

Not only will I not use this in the future I am going to tell everyone I know about them..they act like people have nothing better to do than worry about their Melaleuca order. I am going to also call my bank and advise that I did not allow this charge.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I have helped customers suspend their account. To cancel or suspend your account all you have to do is send an email with all the necessary information and electronic signature.

I always print cancellation notices and have them the customer sign and fax a copy to the company just to be sure. I have never had any problem.

I am sorry to hear you have had problems.

I love Melaleuca.


Maybe it you would've taken the time to do the cancellation process YOU wouldn't be in the position you're in as I see it, it's your fault.


Why do people even bother with this cr@p?! How many horror stories do people have to read about this company before they finally give up?


Did you talk to the company and did you send the products back ,I think you didn't bother to do the right things ,I had this and resolved it through the company and they are willing to resolve those issues ,I think you didn't bother to handle your business. Their not like company's that have blatantly on purpose harm their clients. I think you didn't bother to do the right things.


Hello, so sorry you did not have 2 minutes to go onto your account and change cards or put your account on hold. They understand that people go though hard times.

If someone needs help all you have to do is call them. Sorry that you did not have someone to explain things to you better. This company does not charge an account without someone's permission, you are the one from day one to choose what card to use.. It is very easy to log into your account and put account on hold I have had to do it myself.

Just because you were stressed and having hard times don't bad mouth. Because of them and the products being free of harmful toxins I am breathing is normal and my post nasal drip the Doctor said I had is gone..

There vitamins are the best too.. and more.