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Spoke with Melaleuca customer service several months ago to cancel my Melaleuca account. The representative stated that she will email me a form to sign and fax back to them for cancellation.

That email never came through and I was being charged every month for $53.39. According to customer service they are unable to cancel my backup order without my signature, mean time, they'll keep taking $53.39 out of my account. I am unable to cancel my credit card to which they were taking the funds out because this same card is used to pay for my water & phone lines. I did tried paying my bills earlier leaving nothing in my account, BUT, according to Melaleuca representative, they will keep charging me $53.39, even if I don't use the certificate they provide me to shop at their Melaleuca warehouse.

I informed them that "I DO NOT WANT THE CERTIFICATE!" but representative was adamant that the Certificate is NON-REFUNDABLE and if I don't use it, I'm still being charged for it as my backup order! I'm so upset!

Very disappointed! My heart goes out to the elderly's who are stuck in this rut and are not able to get out of these backup orders because of limited mobility, lack of knowledge, lack of technology (fax machine) to fax a cancellation request etc., Melaleuca has made it difficult to get out of a back-up order AND they REFUSE to refund your money back even if you have a Certificate!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Reason of review: Melaleuca Certificate.

Monetary Loss: $5339.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Melaleuca Cons: Customer service, Backup order charge, Canceling membership, How i felt entraped, Commitment to a monthly order.

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You are completely correct this company is complete garbage and lie constantly


As a former rep I am not surprised by this

This company says they are green when you point out the fact the USE GMOs or that the other ingredients are in no way green you get told Oh we never say that even though it is all over their site

When I made a stink I was told well we want to be competition to companies like colgate So what ever

I was also told we never got your refused parcel when I know they did and they still owe me 99$ cdn but I will never see that again as I do not want in house credit for their mutagenic ***


Why not follow directions online to download form and send it in? If the elderly you speak of are in Melaleuca.

I'm sure they can do this. My mother is age 83 and a very savvy tech user when it comes to the computer. So please, Melaleuca gave you a way to sign out. It's simple.

It works. Use it.


Yes! It is very simple to cancel your account with this extremely reputable company!

Unfortunately, it sounds like your enroller really dropped the ball - I'm so sorry! Speaking as an enroller for many customers, it is our responsibility to make sure you are set up with a web account upon enrollment and to help you through your shopping experience for the first few months. This is a wonderful company only interested in helping you find an online replacement store full of exclusively healthy and economically safe products! Just to give you an example of how poorly your enrollment experience was handled : How could you possibly have enrolled in North America's leading online shopping store without getting a web site set up?

Not your fault, you obviously needed more information. I would love to help you with your difficulties if you haven't yet found a resolution! I feel bad that you have had a poor experience and feel that you were just let down by a possibly inexperienced enroller (who SHOULD have had an experienced team behind her to help her help YOU!!) Please accept my apologies on their behalf and give me a call if you still need help! My name is Janna and you can reach me at 218-341-2259.

(Central Standard Time please!) I can also put you in contact with someone in your state who is an experienced representative - none of us sell Melaleuca - we only help others set up their accounts and ensure success in their shopping experience. Please give us a chance to make this right for you!


When you first sign up as a customer it clearly states that you agree the only way to cancel the membership is through writing. If you didn't get the email you should have called back and said you didn't receive it.

There are also other ways of closing the account withouy having to download a form or send it by fax or email.

I have had many clients come to me stating they want to to sue the company by fraud. But one look at the contract and I just shake my head.

You people need to be responsible about what you put your signature on.

Lawyer in Minnesota


You can easily cancel your account on the website. You don't need a fax machine.


I don't have an account set up on their website. If Customer service had directed me to cancel my account via their website I would've inquired How? The individual who had signed me up for Melaleuca is no longer a member for several months now.


Sounds like you just need to cancel your credit card.

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