Livingston, New Jersey
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I am a widow and a mother of 7 children… What I truly love about being a part of Melaleuca is the fact that I know I am using safe products in my house for me and my children and everything cleans far superior than the products that are laden with harmful toxins…

I'll even tell you what actually sold me on Melaleuca was the fact that I now only buy laundry soap once every 3 months for a family of 8… that is amazing! The products really do allow me to a). save money and budget more wisely per month; and b). have the convenience of having products shipped right to my door to safe time.

If one really studied the chemicals in some of the dish detergents, and cleaning products you really would wonder why these things are allowed to be on grocery shelves! There is a major company of baby shampoo that has 15 hidden names for formaldehyde in it's ingredient list…Can you imagine!! I am SO glad I made the change and buy vitamins that have an 85% absorption rate, rid my laundry products of phosphates, which are linked to asthma, rid my cleaning products of all kinds of harmful toxins, which also are linked to health problems, not to forget poison free products, if a child accidently gets it into their mouth it won't burn the inside of their throat! So if I can do this anyone can…

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Vitamins.

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