Toronto, ON, Canada

Myself and my family have enjoyed and benefited from being a part of this amazing company. I enrolled in 2004 and as a stay at home mom began enrolling people it has been a slow process as my husband and I have a fairly large family and so have a lot of other commitments but we are extremely satisfied with the customer service, the products and the opportunity to supplement our income.

Anyone who has had a bad experience with this company was either not fully informed to begin with or really doesn't understand the nature of the company, which is NOT and MLM for those of you who are interested!!!! There is a very big difference between an MLM company and Melaleuca, I would suggest people do their homework and learn about these things before giving a bad review to an incredible company.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Melaleuca Pros: Quality of the products and the fast delivery.

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