Vernon Hills, Illinois

After a minor stroke, an aquaintance was very pushy about the Melaleuca Supplements. I wasn't a supplement user because science on supplements brands are sketchy at best, they use mineral salts which are not very useful in the body, they are usually stored in warehouses for long periods of time which damages the potency and the labels are often misleading.

Though I had read some disparaging claims online, I bought some anyway just to prove they would be useless. I was impressed that Melaleuca had third party scientific studies from very creditable labs on the product - not just an ingredient, and they had a couple patents. The technology seemed valid - no mineral salts. The company has no warehousing at all, they were shipped directly to me after creation, which means more potent..

I currently take the Peak Performance Total pack. My blood work began to improve dramatically, I began to feel more energetic, and I couldn't deny the improvement. My doctor said I no longer needed the medications I had once taken because he felt my risk of stroke was so minimal. I hate swallowing all those tablets and capsules - but I would rather do that than go back to feeling miserable.

I can find anything else more potent, more scientifically proven, more affordable overall.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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