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It is a shame to see the negative reviews posted about such a great company. Glancing through, it seems the main complaint is people getting sent an auto-shipped back-up order that they specified they didn't want when they hadn't done their shopping before the end of the month. The back-up order system is explained during the presentation and if you don't want to be a part of the preferred membership program and you don't want to do your shopping with the company every month; don't give your credit card number and don't sign up! It was your choice, nobody made you do it. You are allowed to say "no" even to a friend.

Google "BBB Melaleuca" and you will see the company has an A+ rating.

Melaleuca is my favorite place to shop. Because we are using cleaning and personal care products without all the toxic chemicals, my husband is able to breathe easily without taking his allergy meds, my daughters are not suffering with eczema any longer and I have been able to come off 3 prescription medicines for arthritis by taking Melaleuca's patented joint health supplement. Melaleuca has some of the world's top scientists working for them, Olympic athletes who use their sport nutrition, and hundreds of thousands of families who shop with them every month and love the company and love the products.

They are a great company.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Melaleuca Pros: Healthier products.

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These product are NOT chemical free they have colorants(chemical) and fragrances(chemical) added. Do your homework you must be one of those robots who harass your family and friends to join to buy over priced and inferior products


You are so loser!! You are completely blind because you are sooo jealous of wonderful Melalecoua!

You are so shame to yourself!

Thank God that I have the natural products that helps cleaning in my kitchen and they are *** incredible!

My family and friends really love it seriously!! Go Melaleuca!!


First of all, how dare you talk to anyone in such a condescending and judgmental way following it with "thank God".

Second of all, you need to open your mind and try to understand not everyone is having the same wonderful experiences.

Everyone got into Melaleuca hoping for good things.

I regret to say I did not benefit at all.

I had nothing but bad reactions to the products (which I used many years ago and loved at that time), and I had a horrible experience with this company that they have not made right. In fact, they (the company and reps) made it much worse by not following through or being honest.


Get real! is the new "Online Sheriff" in town.

The old "pay for play" bias days of the BBB are over! "facts are coming back."

Education is in order here! (Google this~> BBB investigation by ABC News 20/20

Just a scam as I see it.

"Go sell peddle your "Residual fair tails, glitter, shills. Respectfully~KK

@PissedConsumer975859 is not a regulated site. There is no way to tell which of the posts are real and which are fake; users can create unlimited user names and post comments under each one.

Users can write whatever they like however far from the truth it is and it sits on Pissed Consumer as if it were hard fact without ever being investigated. Pissed Consumer does not mediate between business and consumer to reconcile complaints, it is simply a place for people to get pissed off and angry with each other.


Connect the rating dots... (3.1)

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. ~Albert Einstein


Amen BBB is a scam in its self, any company who pays gets an A+

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