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A company should not require its customers to purchase a product if they choose to discontinue using it. We are trying to cancel our account and they are going to send us an order, even though they have not sent our order out yet, and we do not want the order. We made the mistake of not ordering last month and we received a bunch expensive stuff that we put on our first order.

If you want to change the backup order, you will need to do it on the phone (you can't change it online).

I am amazed at the process they require to cancel the membership. I have wasted over an hour. I have faxed them canceling my account (I challenge anyone to find the fax # on their site for canceling). After which I was informed that fax is not usually one of the methods they allow for canceling.

I have spoken with supervisors who after I made it perfectly clear that I do not want their product anymore; have attempted to tell me how wonderful their product is, and offered to explain the benefits.

From what I can see this company works very hard to prevent people from canceling memberships. If you read online you will hear of people who were not allowed to cancel for 4 months, faxes that were supposedly never received, and letters that were never received, the price is double what you can get elsewhere. The list goes on and on.

If you are still considering this company, I would suggest a great deal of caution, and possibly a trip to your local psychiatrist.


Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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I find it hard to believe you had that much trouble. You should have read the customer manual,it clearly states you have to contact them through the mail not by fax,if you sent it certified you now have proof you mailed it and they got it.

it clearly states they have to get it by the 25th of the month.

wah,wah. :cry


As I read all of the positive remarks on this site about Melalueca. I can't help but notice many of them are from people who currently get money FROM melalueca.

I will continue responding to you as long as you want. the fact is this company works very hard to lose emails, faxes, and otherwise prevent people from canceling their memberships


perhaps you should point fault in the person who enrolled you. They obviously did not explain the company to you or maybe they were new and didnt know what they were talking about when they enrolled you.


You people are out of your minds. I have been a customer for two years and have never goteen a back up or. I have enrolled over 25 customers, and helped two of them cancel a membership for various reasons. Read the back of the enrollment sheet, fools! Heres an example, try and follow along

Dear Melalueca

my name is xxxxx my customer number is xxxxx. At this time, I am canceling my memebrship.



Step 2- put it in an envelope and mail to the company address(you may foot note cancellations on the bottom corner of envelope). Thats it! If they recieve it by the 25th of the month it goes into effect that month, if after the 25th it goes in effect the following. neither one of my two people had any problems or recieved any products after we sent the letter! Get a grip!


I head the auto fax response from them also. I don't work for a competitor, sent 7 faxes and never received one auto response.

I could also see their name come up on the faxing to line. I'm just glad to be done with them.


The company has auto fax back confirmation, so I know most of you are all full of it. Probably work for a competitor. :cry :cry


I am positive many people who are current members are satisfied with the product. None of them have attempted the task of cancelling their membership.

How can that many people have problems with one thing...cancelling their membership. This company tries very hard to stop you from doing this simple task.


I hard a horrible experience cancelling also. I sent a letter by mail, and numerous faxes only to hear "sorry we didn't receive them".

I took me well over 2 weeks of numerous letters and phone calls to cancel. I would not recommend doing business with this company


I have to agree with the post by the marketing executive of Melaleuca. Due to financial reasons, my wife and I decided to cancel our memebership.

It has been a while, but I believe we sent them a call and wrote a letter and our membership was cancelled. Reading blogs from people who have had bad experiences with a company is a completely unreliable way to gather information from a company; especially a blog such as this. This is a simple matter of statistics (you will find more negative than positive blogs) due to a person's interest in expressing their negative opinion.

It is typically hard to get a clear grasp of what actually happened with regards to such matters; you only hear the story from one side and that is normally exaggerated. Perhaps there was a miscommunication or members didn't understand the agreement.

You can never and that picture is never clearly disambiguated in such places. Perhaps people should seak more reliable sources.


I have wasted so much time with this. I am sure the BBB would be another step I could take; but honestly how many people have ever filed with the BBB for anything. Does this really mean that in your opinion the problems people have do not exist unless they claim with the BBB.


Since the internet has grown so fast with so many forums it seems easier to post on boards like this rather than filing Formal complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB is the only legitimate organization for consumer fraud complaints. They deal directly with the company for you, have an arbitration arm to work out satisfactory results and never leave a complaint open.

If you have not filed with them you have not legitimized your complaint and leaves one to wonder as to the validity of these posts.


Thank you very much for your imput on this company. I was thinking about considering this home base business.

Thanks but NO THANKS! Your honesty saved me...


'as a loyal melaleuca cunstomer and marketing executive' everything you say can not be trusted. I know 5 people who joined within the last 6 months that have tried to cancel their memberships, none of them succeeded, and still receive unwanted products, not surprised they have 96% retention, no one is allowed to leave.

wish i'd joined cos i'd sue the *** out of them and have their business kicked out of Britain. Most of the successful execs are pushy liars, the products are supposedly toxin free, which is a lie if you bother to look at the ingredients and research them.


:( :(I am hopeful that I will only need to speak to that company 1 more time; after calling to get the cancellation address and being informed that the person I was speaking with was not trained to give me that address. I proceeded to wait 8 more minutes until someone authorized to give out an address got on the phone, after I asked for the address 9 times she finally gave it to me, but not before she offered to reduce the cost of the products. After giving me the address: It was suggested that I get a signature as faxes and letters frequently get lost, and this way I would be able to identify who signed for it.

These people are ruthless. I will not be surprised if at the end of this month I get more products and am forced to call my credit card company due to fraud.


:( :( :( :( :(


I am not sure why you are having so many problems. I have known a number of people who cancelled their memberships without any problems, and all but one did it by fax.

One person did it by phone. Note, however, that they clearly state that memberships must be cancelled before the 25th of the month, or you will receive your order (or back-up order) for that month.


It appears you work for Melaleuca, as you are missing the point; this is I believe something they teach all employees (how to miss the point). I have still not received a call back from a manager, and that was 2 days ago. I was informed they would call me by the end of the day(10:00pm mst) my call was placed at 11:00am cst. How can it possibly take 12 hours to call me back; and now it is 2 days later. I asked that they call me when they received the cancellation fax. Again 2 days later now - no call. I would suggest anyone planning to use this company except the fact that they will try everything they can to force you to stay a customer. Again read the online complaints. People should not be forced to deal with a company after they have discontinued the relationship. I now hate this company. I do not want to ever talk to them again, unfortunately it looks like I will get to call them again today, and probably next week, and from the sounds of it, I will probably get another order at the end of January - as they will not have received the multiple cancellations I will have sent to them. this company is terrible, and I plan to let everyone know about it.

I am a very "green" person and have many green friends.

The old adage - make the customer happy - always applies. 1 angry customer will tell 10 of their friends.

I plan to inform as many as possible.


I am very sorry about your experience, but as a loyal melaleuca customer and marketing executive, I have to say it is not at all typical. Melaleuca is a company that uses consumer direct marketing, which, unfortunately, means that if you do not have an honest or dependable executive to get you started with your membership, I can see how these problems might arise.

The way typical executives run their business though is the same way Melaleuca strives to run the business and that is honest and with a goal to help others in every aspect of their life! Melaleuca has a very straight forward policy regarding cancellation. There is a date, I beleive the 25th of the month, that you must cancel before in order not to have you order, or your backup order, shipped out. Also, a fax is usually needed to cancel to ensure reliability.

You see, when you sign up, the executive that signed you up has your membership information and it is much easier to contact them and have them cancel it. Hope this helps!!!

Kristina Medlin, marketing executive. If you have any other concerns, or questions, please email me at

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